Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter: Bio and Facts

wendy williams husband
Wendy Williams with her husband Kevin Hunter

Who is Wendy Williams’ Husband?

American TV producer Kevin Hunter is the husband of Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams Hunter is an American television host, author, actress and fashion designer. She is one of the most popular hosts on daytime television. A former radio DJ, Williams has been hosting the television talk show The Wendy Williams Show since 2008.

According to her biography, Hunter is Wendy’s second husband. Wendy’s first husband was a salesperson, whom see refers on the book under the pseudonym Robert Morris III. She divorced him four months into their marriage.

Personal Information about Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter

Full Name: Kevin Hunter

Birthdate: September 17, 1972

Age: 44 years

Birthplace: USA

Birth Sign: Virgo

Nationality: American

Occupation: Television Producer

Children: 1

wendy williams husband

Short Bio of Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter, who serves as the co-executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show doubles as Wendy’s husband and manager. After being fired from the Hot 97 radio station in 1998, Williams was hired by a Philadelphia based urban station Power 99FM and Kevin became her agent.

Wendy’s open discussions about her private life from her former drug addiction to miscarriages helped raise the station’s popularity and it moved from 14th position in the ratings to 2nd.

Interesting Facts about Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter

1. Kevin is a very controlling husband.

While Wendy may appear to be a strong personality on TV, it is reported that it is her husband who runs the show behind the scenes. All the scripts need to be approved by Hunter first and he screens all her questions.

Williams is pretty powerless with her husband going through each and every of her mails and even gifts before her. Reportedly, he has gone as far as changing Wendy’s cell number to limit her contact with staff and fans and even hiring a driver to directly report to him.

2. Hunter has cheated on his wife.

Hunter is known to have cheated on his wife. It was in 2001 immediately after the birth of the couple’s son. However, the couple have put this matter behind and Wendy has publicly forgiven her husband.

3. Hunter has been accused of sexual harassment.

Kevin Hunter was accused of sexual harassment by a member of Wendy William’s staff in 2008. Nicole Spence, talent booker for The Wendy Williams Experience, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Hunter as well as his wife. She accused him of making sexual propositions on repeated occasions. Although Williams and Hunter both have denied all the charges, $5 million lawsuit was settled out of court.

4. He was alleged to appear on a sex tape.

Hunter was amidst a sex scandal in 2012. A sex tape emerged on the internet of man who was alleged to be Hunter with a woman, clearly not Wendy. However, Wendy denied the man in the video was Hunter.

5. He was revealed in a compromising position with Wendy by their son.

According to Wendy on Conan, Kevin Hunter Jr. walked in on her while she was giving her husband a “favor” at 2 am in the morning when he was aged 13.

wendy williams husband and wendy son

How did Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams meet?

We don’t exactly know the circumstances in which Wendy Williams and future husband Kevin Hunter met. However, what we know is the couple got married on November 30, 1997. Their son Kevin Hunter Jr. was born on August 18, 2000.

Who has Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter dated so far? 

Although we have no information on Kevin Hunter’s dating history prior to his marriage with Wendy Williams, he has been alleged of cheating on multiple occasions even after marriage.