Vanilla Ice Wife Laura Giaritta: 5 Facts About Rapper’s Wife

Laura Giaritta
Vanilla Ice along with Laura Giaritta (Source: YouTube)

Who is Vanilla Ice’s Wife?

The name ‘Vanilla Ice’ might sound a little odd if you are hearing it for the first time. But if you are a fan of this American rapper, actor and television host, you definitely love him as much as you love vanilla ice cream. Just like the name “Robert Matthew Van Winkle” sounds new to “Ice Ice Baby” rapper’s fans, the stories of his personal life are also rather unique.

Vanilla’s wife Laura Giaritta, who has been with him for almost two decades recently filed for a divorce. Maybe the future has decided different paths for them. Whatever be the case, fans of Vanilla surely love the couple together.

Personal Information about Vanilla Ice Wife Laura Giaritta

Full Name: Laura Giaritta

Birth year: October 18, 1970

Age: 47 years

Birthplace: United States

Ethnicity: White

Nationality: American

Occupation: Businessperson

Children: 2 
Laura Giaritta and Vanilla Ice
Laura Giaritta with Husband Vanilla (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Laura Giaritta

Laura was born to parents Elaine Giarritta and Thomas Giarritta in 1970. She has an older sister Renee. She has lived in America for almost all her life except for few travels. There are not many details about her education and career out in the public. She has been in the spotlight mostly due to her marriage to Vanilla Ice.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Vanilla Ice Wife Laura Giaritta

1. Laura filed for divorce on her birthday.

Stating “I can’t live a lie any longer”, Laura filed a divorce case in Palm Beach County, Florida. Interestingly, she chooses the date of her 46th birthday i.e. October 18, 2016, to file the case in the court. Further, she said that she gave herself a birthday present by doing so, considering that she wanted to file the divorce for a long time.


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2. They have been living apart since long.

Well, the relationship of his couple seems to be really cold these days. Though they celebrated their 20th anniversary, their life together has not definitely been a bed of roses. The couple has been living apart since 2011.

3.  Laura faced domestic violence.

Well, it’s pretty shameful to say that Ice has been arrested several times for assaulting Laura. In the year 2008, he was booked at Palm Beach County jail on a domestic battery charge. Also, Vanilla had to go on probation and attend family therapy sessions. He had definitely failed to be a good husband.

4. Laura was accused of cheating Ice.

Reports say that Laura was having an extramarital affair with somebody and that is why the couple were living apart from each other.

5. They run a business together.

Ice and his wife Laura Giaritta share a business together. The couple opened up an Extreme sports store in Miami, which they named “2 The Xtreme” after Ice’s album.

Vanilla Ice Wife Laura Giaritta
Vanilla Ice Together with Wife Laura Giaritta (Source: YouTube)

How did Vanilla Ice first meet Laura Giaritta?

Laura first met her future husband in 1995. That was a year after Ice had attempted suicide and still had the tattoo of his first girl. Later on, Laura and Vanilla got attracted to each other and started dating. They married each other on March 30, 1997, and in the early days, the couple seemed totally devoted to each other.

Laura Giaritta used to be admired by Vanilla’s intelligence and his nature of being a very protective father. Vanilla also had always loved Laura. Laura gave birth to their first child Dusti Rain in 1998 and second child KeeLee Breeze in 2000. They lived a blissful 15 years of married life but then things got to the worst later. They decided to live separately since 2011 and later on, processed for divorce.

Other Relationships of Laura Giaritta

Laura has been dating Ice since she was 24 years old. Later on, she was accused of dating a cast member of rapper’s popular DIY Network home rehab show. However, Laura has always rejected this.


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