Tyler1 Girlfriend Macaiyla: 5 Facts About The Online Gamer’s Girlfriend

Tyler1 with Girlfriend Macaiyla
Tyler1 with Girlfriend Macaiyla (Source: Twitter)

Who is Tyler1’s Girlfriend?

Macaiyla is infamous online gamer Tyler1’s girlfriend. Tyler1 girlfriend Macaiyla is pretty good but is often called immature for her age when she does things like posting her hot photos on Instagram. LOL !!! It’s not ‘Laugh out Loud’ but the famous online game ‘League of Legends’. Tyler1 is one of the most famous players in it.

Sometimes he becomes the talk of the town due to his aggressive act, giving racist remarks. And do you know what? This most toxic player in North America was banned from LOL and was unable to play despite being the best gamer out there.

Personal Information about Tyler1 Girlfriend Macaiyla

Full Name: Macaiyla
Birth Date: August 21st,1998
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
Tyler1 and Girlfriend Macaiyla
Tyler1 and Girlfriend Macaiyla (Source: Twitter)

Short Bio of Macaiyla

Macaiyla is passionate and she really does have a kind heart. She was raised by her mother. She donates to a charity every year called Equinox. Since she has worked in marriage counseling, she wants to be a divorce attorney. For this, she has decided to join online classes in Law and is planning to join a university next year.

5 Facts to Know about Tyler1 Girlfriend Macaiyla

1. Same pinch on Macaiyla

Tyler1 and Macaiyla both are toxic persons according to sources. Her Twitter account was blocked several times. Meanwhile, in Twitch, she was trying to respond to one of the rude streamers there along with her friends but ended up being permanently banned.

1 year ❤️

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2. Comes with own share of harsh attitude

It will leave you open-mouthed when you find that Macaiyla too uses offensive remarks and jokes about mentally disabled along with Tyler1’s harsh attitude. Beneath this impolite manner is always a good heart. And Macaiyla is now trying to show how good she is on her own YouTube channels.

3. Terrible moments due to leaked nudes

Be it her photo of butt or sneak peek of her under-boob or some nudes of hers that was leaked accidentally by her boyfriend, it is horrible and shame to know about it later on although her Instagram is full of hot pics. And people do have some self-respect. However, she now does not want to be involved in Tyler1’s image.

Tyler1 Girlfriend Macaiyla
Tyler1 Girlfriend Macaiyla (Source: Oddshot)

4. Not so beautiful childhood

She is a great fan of Metallica, flowers, and snakes. Despite having interested in sports like soccer, basketball, swimming, singing, and acting, her mother could not help her wishes. One day in her school, she injured her eyes and had to rush to the hospital where doctor announced that she could not see by the age of 15. But the doctors are not true all the time.

5. Would she really bomb a school?

While replying to her friend, she once tweeted a sentence as if she was really going to bomb in a school in New York City which was a serious issue in the eyes of government officials. As a result, she was banned from Twitter. But why would a girl who has a kind and loving heart commit such act?

happy new year fuckers

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Dating History of Tyler1 and Macaiyla

Before Tyler1, Macaiyla had her ex for 11 years and they were just good friends at first. She met Tyler1 in Twitch and soon started dating. She fell for him because of his looks and gaming skills.

Macaiyla lives in a city whereas Tyler1 lives far away from her. But she is so blind in love and she finds it worth sacrificing when you love someone so truly. That’s why she travels to his place and stays in his home for so long even though it is annoying sometimes. She is such a good girl who never asks him for money, never asks his help but is always there for him to support his live stream.


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