Timothy Olyphant Wife Alexis Knief: 5 Facts About Deadwood Star’s Wife

Alexis Knief
Timoty Olyphant with Wife Alexis Knief at Golden Globes (Source: YouTube)

Who is Timothy Olyphant’s Wife?

Timothy Olyphant is a famous American actor and producer. Even at the age of 49, he plays his roles with same dedication and enthusiasm he used to have during his debut 20 years back. And that is why we all love Timothy. And, who’s the woman Timothy loves? Alexis Knief is the wife of Timothy Olyphant.

The couple has been married now for more than 25 years and sets an example for being one of the most adorable Hollywood couples with excellent chemistry. Timothy once said, “It is very hard to find such a perfect bonding in Hollywood and I have been lucky enough to find Alexis”.

Personal Information about Timothy Olyphant Wife Alexis Knief

Full Name: Alexis Knief

Birthdate: March 5, 1968

Age: 49 years

Birthplace: South California

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: American

Children: 3
Timothy Olyphant Wife Alexis Knief
Timothy Olyphant and Wife Alexis Knief during a Game (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Alexis Knief

Alexis Knief was born on March 5, 1968, as the native of South California. She went to the University of South California for her graduation and that is where she got to meet her future husband Timothy. 1.73 meter tall Alexis prefers to avoid the limelight and has always tried to remain away from camera and media.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Timothy Olyphant’s Wife Alexis Knief

1. 26 years of marriage

It’s very often that Hollywood couple gets divorced and chooses to go on a different path after getting successful. But in this couple’s case, it’s just opposite. The journey of their love started when Alexis was just 23 and they reflect perfect chemistry to this date. Even in the 26th year of marriage, the love is in the air.

2. Low profile

Despite being married to a very popular and well-known husband, Alexis always maintains a low profile in her life. Her presence in social media is almost non-existent and she doesn’t post any of her personal details. Also, she appears less in the functions along with Timothy and you can only see her in few special functions. She has a reserved and secretive personality.

3. Always supportive of her husband

Alexis had been with Timothy Olyphant even before he climbed up his path to success. She had made Timothy rehearse his dialogues before plays and made him practice. She had always been his motivation and support and that is why Alexis is the best thing Timothy has.

Timothy Olyphant with Wife and Children
Timothy Olyphant with Wife and Children (Source: YouTube)

4. Emmy Award joke

Timothy on 2011 was nominated for Emmy Award. During an interview, he said that if he got the award, he would look at the trophy and at his wife and say ‘Well, honey, this is it. I’m finally leaving you.” Well, this was just a joke they planned to enjoy the moment. Sadly, Timothy didn’t win the award.

5. Wedding ring incident

Interestingly, once Olyphant was spotted wearing the wedding ring on his right hand. Married couples generally wear rings on their left hand. That is why the couple was once rumored to have separated. Really crazy, isn’t it?

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How did Timothy Olyphant first meet Alexis Knife?

Back in 1990, Timothy and Alexis attended the same university for their graduation. They first became friends and then dated each other for almost one year. In July 1991, they decided to convert their relationship into conjugal life. The couple got married in a private ceremony in their hometown and only a few guests attended the functions.

They are now blessed with three wonderful children. In 1999, their first child daughter Grace Katherine was born. The second child, their son Henry was born in 2001 and they gave birth to their daughter Vivian two years later in 2003.

Earlier Relationships of Alexis Knief

The couple was sweetheart since their college, and no other relationship has been reported. In his long film career, Timothy himself hasn’t had any other relationship to pull him in controversies and the couple has been faithful to each other.


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