Ted Cruz Wife Heidi Cruz, Bio, Facts and Romantic Details

Heidi Cruz is the wife of Ted Cruz

Who is Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi Cruz

Heidi Cruz was born as Heidi Nelson Cruz to parents Suzanne Jane (Dental hygienist) and Peter Christian Nelson (Dentist) is the wife of former republican presidential nominee Ted Cruz. Cruz is also a prominent figure in American Politics.  Heidi was raised by her parents as a Seventh day Adventist. Her parents served as missionaries at Kenya and Nigeria for some time while she was young.

Her schooling was completed in Adventist Academy and Monterey Bay Academy, both seventh day Adventist institutions. She is a Phi Beta Kappa from Claremont McKenna College in B.A.Economics and International Relations. Heidi Cruz served as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs. She has also served in the US Government offices in various capacities.

Some Personal Information about Ted Cruz’s Wife

Original Name: Heidi Nelson Cruz

Birth date: August 7, 1972

Location: San Luis Obispo, California

Height: 1.7 mt.

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Marriage Date: May 27, 2001

Children: Caroline Camille Cruz(April 2008), Catherine Christiane Cruz(20011)

Heidi Cruz’s Achievements

  • She was Economic Director for the western hemisphere at the National Security Council.
  • She also served as the Director of the Latin America office at US Treasury Department.
  •  She was involved in the George W Bush political campaign as Economic advisor.
  • She has worked for three investment banks, JP Morgan Chase, Merril Lynch and Gold man Sachs
  • She was an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was also a member of the Independent Task Force on North America.

Married Life of Heidi Cruz

Heidi and Ted Cruz met during the election campaign of George W.Bush in the year 2000. They got married on May 27, 2001. After marriage Heidi and Ted Cruz moved from Washington DC to Texas.

Interesting and unknown facts about Ted Cruz and his wife:

  • She is a vegetarian and a Southern Baptist like her husband
  • After she shifted from Washington DC to Texas in 2004, following her marriage in 2001, she suffered from depression.
  • In the year 2012, the couple converted their liquid net worth to cash to fund Ted Cruz’s senatorial campaign.
  • She was an active member of the Republican group in her student days
  • She is on leave of absence without pay to support her husband’s campaign
  • Heidi’s parents had set up bread making business for her and her brother at a very young age which taught her the value of hard work and money at a very small age.
  •  Ted Cruz is just one year older than his wife
  • Ted and Heidi lived almost 15,000 miles apart in the initial days of their marriage for career reasons
  • She is also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.