Steven Crowder Wife Hillary Crowder: Bio and Facts

Steven Crowder wife Hillary Crowder
Steven Crowder and his wife Hillary crowder sharing a delicate kiss.

Who is Steven Crowder’s wife?

Canadian American politician, actor and comedian Steven Crowder is married to Hillary Crowder. Steven Blake Crowder is a Canadian-American conservative political commentator, actor, and comedian. Hillary is interior designer by profession and also assists her husband in his publicity campaigns.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Hillary got her education from Calvin College and currently working at Leland International, an interior decor company.

Interesting Facts about Steven’s wife Hillary

About their wedding and instance on premarital sex

Steven was a former political commentator at Fox News. So it’s easy to guess what is political inclination is. Being a radical conservative, he dismisses sex before marriage. If we are to believe what he says is true, then both him and his wife refrained from sex until their wedding.

The couple married in 2012 and nothing short of spectacular according to her husband.

Steven Crowder and his wife on their weding day

Our wedding was perfect. Our wedding night was nothing short of amazing. I write this on a plane heading into a tropical paradise with the most beautiful woman to have walked the planet earth. I know everybody says that their bride was the “most beautiful in the world.”  They’re wrong. I win, said Steven Crowder.

Celebrities often find a way to disguise their demeanors but since the couple are conservative, lets give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that they both practiced abstinence(No sex ladies and gentlemen until the pastor officially slaps the label of man and wife on you!) until their marriage. For some reasons they believed refraining from sex will ‘saving themselves for the special ones’ instead of being prepared beforehand.

“If you’re wondering whether all of the mocking, the ridicule, the incredible difficulty of saving yourself for your spouse is worth it, let me tell you without a doubt that it is. Your wedding can be the most memorable day and night of your life… or just another party.”, citing Crowder here, hope their wedding was as perfect as Crowder put it.

Attacks on Steven Crowder and his wife

Internet, barring few useful sites, is a giant trash can that everybody can dump their trash in and until we dig in really deep, it’s really hard to differentiate the real things with the trash littered. Hillary, despite being married to a big celebrity with huge influence on Canada and U.S, has been successful to maintain a largely quiet reclusive life. While digging out information about Crowder’s wife, we reached to a site titled Judging from the domain name, it is probably a website for women to bitch about other women for getting involved with their husband. Anyways, in an anonymous post, a woman bitched about what a hypocritical woman Hillary is and how she preached abstinence until marriage and still went for her husband. Again folks, Internet Trash alert here. Don’t believe everything you read.

Profession and Experience

She may be really into her craft of interior designing. In her LinkedIn profile, she humble brags about her ‘design focused attitude and appreciation to the important influence that functionally strong and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces have on the way we work, learn, play and heal’.

She also has had experience as a national sales manager and managed more than 30 independent sales-rep groups in Canada and states. She is primarily responsible for hiring, training, goal setting, presenting and developing market strategy in each region to maximize company growth and profitability for both her brands, Leland International and freshcoast.

She has also volunteered as a music leader for her friendship club.


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