Stana Katic Husband Kris Brkljac: Bio and Facts

Stana Katic Husband Brkljac

Who is Stana Katic’s Husband?

Stana Katic is currently married to her longtime boyfriend Kris Brkljac. Stana Katic is a 38-year-old Canadian-American film actress and television actress. She rose to prominence for her portrayal of Kate Beckett on the hit television series of ABC, Castle.

Personal Information about Stana Katic Husband Kris Brkljac

Full Name: Kris Brkljac

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: White

Occupation: Business Consultant

Stana Katic Husband Brkljac

Short Bio of Kris Brkljac

Kris Brkljac is the son of Lika Brkljac and has two siblings named Dragoljub Brkljca and Milan Brkljac. He is the vice president of sales at software company Dispute Suit in Florida. He became famous when he married Stana Katic in 2015.

Interesting Facts about Stana Katic’s Husband Kris Brkljac

1. Kris left his home in teenage.

Kris Brkljac left his home and came to America when he was in his teens.

2. He was homeless.

After leaving his home in his teenage, he came to America, where at one point he had to live on the streets as a homeless guy. He was 21 years old when he had to live on the streets of New York. Today he is married to a millionaire wife and his true net worth from his role as a consultant is not known to us.

3. He has a background in Communication Media Law.

Yes, he was homeless but he managed to put himself through law school and he has a background in Communication Media Law. However, the name of school or university is not public.

4. He is a private man.

Despite dating Stana Katic for several years, the photo of two of them together never surfaced in the news, which proves he is reluctant to share his private affairs with public. Even his date of birth and age is not known to the world, which further strengthens the point.

Stana Katic

How did Kris Brkljac and Stana Katic meet?

The specifics of how the two met with each other is somewhat a mystery. However, it was Stanine brother Mark, who introduced them to each other. After that, they began to date and the rest is history.

What is the dating history of Kris Brkljac before Stana Katic?

The dating history of Kris Brkljac is not known to us. However, we do know that Kris Brkljac and Stana Katic dated twice and broke up once before finally tying the knot with each other.