Sebastian Maniscalco Wife Lana Gomez: Bio and Facts

Sebastian Maniscalco wife Lana Gomez
sebastian maniscalco with his wife Lana Gomez.

Who is Sebastian Maniscalco’s wife?

Lana Gomez Maniscalco is the wife of Italian American stand up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Lana is a painter by profession. She has worked with famous contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist and illustrator Shepard Fairey who went on to start Obey Clothing line. Lana is currently living on Los Angeles with her husband. She has her own online art magazine.

The couple have two children, a daughter named Rose Maniscalco and a son going by the name of Salvatore Maniscalco.

Interesting Facts about Sebastian Maniscalco’s sweetheart Lana Gomez

She helps her husband in business

In the free time Lana gets from her studio, Lana serves as a creative director for her husband Sebastian’s comedy company. She designs printing material and stages photo shoots.

Gutsy father and grandfather

Some of her artworks are inspired by her father’s and grandfather’s saying. She develops ideas on her grandfather’s motto “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter” and her dad’s “Who got cream cheese in the jelly? These add up to Lana’s gutsy artworks.

Sebastian has got quite an artist for a wife

lana gomez’s painting from her instagram

Lana Gomez went to University of Tennessee to study art. She regularly makes awesome paintings which she shows off in her Instagram account. She is well known for her works she did in collaboration with a fellow painter Kelly Wearstler, which led to her being featured in the book Hue, a trendsetter book in interior design. She also created one of the original 10-foot guitar sculptures in Guitar Town on the Sunset Strip.

“Mad Scientist of Paint “

Lana is self proclaimed “mad scientist of paint“. She experiments with different colors and layouts pouring and mixing acrylics that settle into swirling patterns on large-scale canvases.

She has a charm over Sebastian Maniscalco

Sebastian loves his wife and they are a lovely couple. They constantly complement each other on social media. Sebastian says he does a lot of different things he has never done because of his wife Lana.

She wants to make art accessible for everyone.

She is always looking for ways to make art accessible for everyone. She is exploring for ways to launch a product line to connect with fans who may not be ready to invest in a large art piece. She’s expressed desire for making a custom piece for Beyonce.


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