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Sarah Orzechowski: Brendon Urie Wife, All You Need to Know About Panic! at the Disco Star’s Darling

Brendon Urie Wife Sarah Orzechowski

Who is Brendon Urie’s Wife?

Sarah Urie (original name Sarah Orzechowski) is the wife of Brendon Urie.  Brendon Boyd Urie is an American American singer and songwriter. He also can play many instrument including guitar (both rhythm and bass), piano, keyboards and drums. He is the sole surviving founding member of the group Panic! at the Disco.

Married life of Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski

Brendon met Sarah while touring for Pretty.Odd, the second studio album of the group Panic! at the disco. Orzechowski  was dating someone else at the time but Brendon could simply not get her out of his mind.

“By some good fortune and some help from mutual friends, we met up again 8 months later when she happened to be single. We’ve been smiling with each other ever since. Goddamn, she’s amazing”, Brendon revealed in his Ask Me anything segment on reddit.

Their wedding was nothing short of spectacular. They married on Saddlerock Ranch on Malibu. The venue was decorated with myriads of colorful flowers and it looked like a dreamland. Sarah was in awe with her wedding venue.

It was very important for us to have this day reflect our love for one another, something beautiful, romantic, whimsical, and unique. Every detail really came together the day of and we became very emotional when we finally got to see it all at once. We were honestly speechless at how beautiful everything was – it truly felt like a real life fairy tale, She remembered. 

They first danced to the song “Faithfully” by Journey in their wedding. Sarah has special attachments to the song and wanted to devote it to her husband Brendon.

“I chose it to be the main bar of the night as a special piece devoted to Brendon. The man loves his beer/whiskey, so I wanted to surprise him by having that area be a special highlight. He loved it,” 

You can see their wedding pictures here.

Interesting Facts about Sarah Orzechowski

Her Husband’s Influence

Panic! at the Disco have recorded more than 50 songs. Their most recent album is the Death of Bachelor which was released at the beginning of last year. Brendon revealed that they titled their song to ‘throw out his wife’ and she was an inspiration to the album.

“This whole album was written at my house where she and I live and it reflects very much the lifestyle I was living [while writing it], which is so different from who I used to be,” Brendon told Etonline.

Brendon admits he finds it hard to let go of his past. Just like his band, his life also has been a “smorgasbord of craziness for 10 years”. Pondering about the spontaneity of life, he added “and that was really talking about me as a single guy — and now I’m married.”

It’s just really cool to look back and be like, ‘wow, that’s so weird,” he says. ” I never thought I’d be where I’m at today. it’s kind of a throwback to it.”

Her husband’s experiments with sexuality

Brendon’s experiments with sexuality have been well documented. As a matter of fact, he discussed about making out with Hollywood star Ryan Gosling. He gets angered by the ‘gay’ allegations and finds them baseless.

Brendon’s opinion on homosexuality.

“I just don’t really care. I don’t know if it matters. I like people. If a person is good I’m into that person. If a dude’s hot, a dude’s hot. There are some good looking dudes out there. Look at Ryan Gosling, bro. I’d totally make out with his face.” 

It should certainly make Sarah Urie more special as Brendon declared the following statement about his sexuality.

“Overall I’m more attracted to women, like with my wife, I’m just so insanely in love and attracted to my wife that I go, ‘Well, OK, my love of musicals can’t trump that I love p*ssy.’”

Her own Urban Dictionary Page

Urban Dictionary is known for throwing jibes at celebrities and Sarah Orzechowski is no exception here. Her Urban Dictionary page writer mentions that “The only reason I (the creator) am happy is that Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski are getting married is because I will finally be able to pronounce her name”. Now she’s more commonly known as Sarah Urie. So congratulations on that!

Social Media following and hate comments

She has a massive social media following, most notably to her Instagram account where she has amassed around 540k followers. As is the case with most of the celebrities, she received a fair amount of abuse when her relationship with Brendon Urie was made public. Her husband was quick to come on her defense and tweeted an angry message to his abusive fans.

Sarah Is a Self-Described ‘Skin-Care Enthusiast’

Sarah has made her enthusiasm about skin care on her Social Media accounts. She often promotes non-toxic and all-natural skin care products for her friends. She also shows off other beauty products on her Instagram page. Recently, she collaborated with nail artist Sarah Bland. She encourages her social media followers to vegan lifestyle and to use gluten/petroleum/mineral oil free .

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