Russell Wilson Ex Wife Ashton Meem: Bio and Facts

Russell Wilson Ex Wife Ashton Meem

Who is Russell Wilson’s Former Wife?

Russell Wilson was married to Ashton Meem on 2012 A.D and their marriage lasted two years. Russell Wilson is an American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL).

Born on November 29, 1988, Russell Carrington Wilson was the second child of Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, a lawyer, and Tammy Wilson (née Turner), a legal nurse consultant. Currently, he is married to singer and songwriter Ciara.

Personal Information about Russell Wilson Ex Wife Ashton Meem

Full Name: Ashton Meem

Birth Date: September 6, 1987

Age: 29 years

Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia, United States

Birth Sign: Virgo

Nationality: American

Occupation: Advertising Operations Assistant

Russell Wilson Ex Wife Ashton Meem

Short Bio of Ashton Meem

Ashton Meem, the former wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, is an advertising operations assistant. She has in the past worked in insurance as well as event planning.

Interesting Facts about Russell Wilson’s Former Spouse Ashton Meem

1. Meem attended North Carolina State University.

Ashton Meem left Virginia to attend the University of Georgia but she switched to North Carolina State University. She and Russell were in a long distance relationship in that period and graduated from the University with Bachelor’s degree in Communication.

2. Ashton Meem allegedly had an affair with Golden Tate.

Ashton Meem allegedly had an affair with Wilson’s former Seattle Seahawks teammate Golden Tate, when she was married to Wilson. This is apparently rumored to be the main reason behind divorce between Russell Wilson and her.

3. Her diamond ring is bigger than Ciara’s.

The diamond ring of Ashton Meem is an 8 carat diamond which is bigger than the diamond ring of current wife of Russell, Ciara’s. However, the bigger is not better when it comes to diamond. Meem posted her photo with a ring in Twitter when the photo showing Ciara’s diamond ring surfaced on internet.

Russell Wilson Ex Wife Ashton Meem

How did Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson meet each other?

Russell Wilson and Ashton met each other when they were in high school. At that time, Russell was attending and a star athlete at Collegiate School in Richmond, Virgina, where he played football, baseball, and basketball. Ashton was attending St. Catherine’s High School, which is five miles away from Collegiate School. They again met at a summer camp and soon started dating.

What is the dating history of Russell Wilson Ex Wife Ashton Meem?

Beside Russell Wilson, Ashton Meem is rumored to have dated Wilson’s former Seattle Seahawks teammate Golden Tate but Tate has denied the rumor. The names of men before them is not known to us.


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