Ron Perlman Wife Opal Perlman: 5 Facts About American Actor’s Wife

Ron Perlman with Wife Opal Perlman (Source: YouTube)

Who is Ron Perlman’s Wife?

‘Vincent’ in the series ‘Beauty and the Beast’ might be the one character you have enjoyed to watch. It was played by Ron Perlman. He is a famous American actor and voice actor. Furthermore, he is known for his roles in ‘Hellboy’ and its sequel. His role as Clay Morrow on the television sequence ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is also best known by people. Ron Perlman’s wife Opal Perlman is a jewelry and fashion designer.

You might be utterly amazed to know that he has been in more than hundreds of films, television series, and video games. And now you will be amazed when I say that the couple has been together for more than 36 years. Have you ever realized the efforts it takes to maintain a successful married life for such a long time?

Personal Information about Ron Perlman Wife Opal Perlman

Full Name: Opal Stone Perlman

Birthplace: United States

Nationality: American

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Ron Perlman, Wife Opal Perlman and Daughter Blake Perlman
Ron Perlman with Wife Opal Perlman and Daughter Blake Perlman at Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Pacific Rim’ (Source: Getty Images)

Short Bio of Opal Perlman

Opal Perlman was born to Jamaican Parents. She studied Psychology in college. But the destiny had decided something else for her and her interest drove her to the world of fashion designing. That is why she, later on, took designing training in New York. She was most inspired by organic arts.

Her creativity though is not just limited to cutting clothes pieces and giving them life. She also works in jewelry designing and making beaded pieces by hands. She is doing well with her passion, but the fact that makes her more famous is being the wife of a famous celebrity such as Ron Perlman.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Ron Perlman’s Wife Opal Perlman

1. Opal’s jewelry collection

Ron’s wife Opal has a very fine stone jewelry collection that has been inspired by Frank Gehry and other architects. All the pieces she has, are made up of intricately carved backs and galleries. She also has some antique collection and one of such collections is from the 1930s.

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2. Handbag collection

Opal believes that the attachment of jewelry (usually gold) in handbag makes it appear luxurious and attractive. Her bags are whimsy with classic shapes with some extra pockets. Seems like she has some serious attachments with jewelry.

3. Ron’s support towards wife’s business

Ron also has some connection with his wife’s business. He has played a hand in helping her business grow a lot throughout the years. Once, he even organized and hosted a show to promote his wife’s handbags, where many of his friends were present.

Ron Perlman Family
Ron Perlman and Opal Perlman along with Their Children (Source: Youtube)

4. 36 years of married life

A committed relationship has not been something easy to achieve for most Hollywood couples. But in their case, the couple has been happily married for the past 36 years. Their relationship truly has been an inspiration to many couples of this era.

5. Her husband once attempted suicide.

Ron Perlman is now at the apex of his career as an actor. But things haven’t always been smooth for him. He once attempted a suicide as a ‘fat kid’ adolescent. This was the reason why he didn’t like his role as ‘Sons of Anarchy’ character Clay Morrow.

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How did Ron Perlman first meet Opal Perlman?

Ron met his wife, while he was working at a friend’s boutique. Opal walked by to buy a pair of earrings in that boutique and immediately fell in love with him. They got to know each other for some time and then decided to marry.

They tied their knot on 14th Feb 1981 on Valentine’s Day. Such a romantic day they chose. Since then, they have been living happily together for the last 36 years. They have two children, daughter Blake Amanda Perlman, who was born in 1984 and son Brandon Avery Perlman, who was born in 1990. His son Brandon is the producer of electronic music.

Other Relationships of Opal Perlman

The couple has been together now for a very long time. They have been loyal and supportive towards each other for all these years. No other relationship of Opal is known to the public.


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