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Richard Rawlings wife Suzanne Rawlings, Bio and Facts

richard rawlings wife Suzanne Rawlings

Who is Richard Rawlings’ wife?

Suzanne (Sue) Rawlings is the wife of Richard Rawling. Richard Ray Rawlings (a.k.a  Richard from Gas Monkey) is an Americann car driver, auto mechanic, entrepreneur, TV car show host and a media celebrity. He has been married three times with two women.

He was married with a woman named Karen K Grames whom he met before he met Suzanne. Richard and Sue married in 1999, split in 2009 and remarried in 2009.

Some Personal facts about Suzanne Rawlings

Original Name: Suzanne Mergele

Spouse: Richard Rawlings 

Interesting Facts about Suzanne Rawlings

Once divorced Twice Married

She is once divorced and twice married with her husband Richard Rawlings. Richard was married Sue on August 7, 1997. The relationship started facing problems after Richard had to stay away for his promotional stunts for the show.

Several rumors emerged that Richard had ended his marriage with Suzanne which eventually happened but after a long time after the media started stirring up the rumors. The couple ended their decade long relationship on August 14, 2009.

Richard admitted that baseless media rumors and the stress from his show promotion led to the divorce. The couple eventually found the way back to each other after 6 years of isolation on 2015.

The two traveled to Cabo to surprise their mutual friend Dennis Collins on his birthday and completely surprised everyone with impromptu unrehearsed wedding.

“It was spur-of-the-moment down in Cabo in January”,Richard told DFW. He also wrote a post in Facebook post “Came down to Cabo to surprise my best friend on his birthday and ended up remarrying my other best friend! GYSOT!!”

Her divorcing Richard had nothing to do with homosexuality

Media, being well the media we know spread false rumors that Richard Rawlings is gay. But these turned out to be completely baseless and mere assumptions. Furthermore, there was completely explainable gibberish that Suzanne left him because he was gay. But Richard later clarified in the DFW interview that was simply not the case.

“We got divorced while all the [Gas Monkey and Fast N’ Loud] stuff was happening and it was hard for her to put up with it,”

Confusing Times between the marriage.

Despite getting a divorce in 2009, it was reported that the couples had no lingering bad blood between them and they remained friends. But Richard also was reported making the statement “I can get any girl I want”. The statements may contradict each other but all’s well if it ends well folks.

From Cars to Restaurant Business Supporting her husband

Suzanne is of big help to her husband after he switched from Car business to restaurant business with his Gas Monkey Bars and Grills.

She is a philanthropist

Suzanne has successfully maintained a reclusive lifestyle far from media and the Internet. It was very difficult to amass this much information too. She attended a charity event at The Back 9 sports bar close to Dallas in January 2013 with her than divorced husband Richard, suggesting she could be a philanthropist at heart.

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