Porsha Williams Boyfriend Todd Stewart: Bio and Facts

porsha williams boyfriend todd stewart

Who is Porsha Williams’ Boyfriend?

Porsha Williams is in a relationship with Todd Stewart. Porsha Dyanne Williams, formerly Porsha Stewart or just Porsha Williams in short, is a model, singer, actress and American television personality.

She became famous with her marriage to football player Kordell Stewart in the TV series Platinum Weddings. She was cast in the fifth season of reality TV series The Real Housewives of Atlanta as well.

Personal Information about Porsha Williams Boyfriend Todd Stewart

Full Name: Todd Stewart

Nationality: American

Children: 2 (Toren Stewart, Aubrey Stewart)

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Short Bio of Todd Stewart

Todd Stewart is the man whom Porsha Williams, the reality TV star of The Real House Wives of Atlanta, is currently dating. Not much is known about the personal life of Todd Stewart as of today.

Interesting Facts about Porsha Williams Boyfriend Todd Stewart

1. Todd left his job for Porsha Williams.

Apparently, Todd Stewart had to choose between his job and his sweetheart Porsha Williams and guess what he did? He chose Porsha obviously and now he is unemployed. Porsha is not happy about the job situation of Stewart as it has severely dented her plans of getting pregnant.

2. He is not related to Kordell Stewart.

Todd Stewart has the same family name to ex-husband of Porsha Williams and a football player Kordell Stewart. However, they are not related in any way.

3. Todd Stewart might not be a good father.

Although Porsha Williams has good things to say about Todd as a father, his sons claim otherwise. The eldest son of Todd, Toren Stewart claimed that his father was not there for him and his brother and they haven’t talked to him for 2 years.

4. He might have a secret child.

An uncle of the alleged third child of Todd claimed that he has a daughter the world doesn’t know about.

How did Todd Stewart and Porsha Williams meet?

The couple have not told any specifics about how they first met and fell in love. However, Porsha Williams has stated that they dated each other in their 20’s but later decided to part ways. However, Todd came back into the life of reality star Porsha Williams once again.

Who did Porsha Williams Boyfriend Todd Stewart date in the past?

The dating history of Todd Stewart is a mystery to us (except his friends and relatives) because there is not much about his past life on the internet. Although he has two kids from a woman, the name of the women is a suspense as well.