Pat Bowlen Wife Annabel Bowlen: Who Is The Wife Of Denver Broncos Majority Owner?

Pat Bowlen Wife Annabel Bowlen

Who is Pat Bowlen’s Wife?

American businessman Pat Bowlen is married to Annabel Bowlen. Patrick Dennis Bowlen, known as Patrick Bowlen in short, is the majority owner of the Denver Broncos of the NFL.

Pat Bowlen came to limelight when Bowlen Family bought the team in 1984. He served as the CEO of the team from its purchase to 2014. Pat Bowlen was inducted into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame in 2015.

Personal Information about Pat Bowlen Wife Annabel Bowlen

Full Name: Joan Annabel Bowlen

Birth Date: 1951

Age: 64 years

Birthplace: Edmonton, Canada

Occupation: Teacher

Children: 5 (Brittany Bowlen, Annabel Bowlen, Christiana Bowlen, 
John Bowlen and Patrick Bowlen)

Pat Bowlen Wife

Short Bio of Annabel Bowlen

Joan Annabel Bowlen was born in Edmonton, Canada as the daughter of a World War II pilot and Joan Spencer, a retired British secretary. Her brother’s name is Richard Spencer, who is President of Spencer Environmental Management Services, established in 1984.

Interesting Facts about Pat Bowlen Wife Annabel Bowlen

1. Annabel is a royalty.

Not many people know this but Annabel Bowlen is literally a royalty. Her family is related to the late Princess Diana’s family.

2. She attended the University of Alberta.

Annabel Bowlen attended the University of Alberta for her undergrad. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a double degree in physical education and education.

3. She worked as a teacher and skating trainer.

Before she got married to Pat Bowlen and moved to the US, she worked as a teacher. She taught in the grade school in Canada. She also worked as a skating trainer before marrying Pat.

4. She is philanthropic.

Annabel Bowlen is the Founder & President Emeritus of “Cherish the Children Guild”. “Cherish the Children” worked to help raise funds for the “Beacon Youth & Family Center”, providing mental health services for families. The center was founded in 1969 but closed in 2011.

Pat Bowlen Wife Annabel Bowlen and Joanna Spencer

How did Annabel Bowlen and Pat Bowlen meet each other?

Pat Bowlen and Annabel Bowlen first met each other in Edmonton, Canada. At that time, Pat Bowlen was working as an attorney while Annabel Spencer was a grade school teacher. However, the specifics about their first meeting is a mystery. After their marriage, they moved to the US.

What is the dating history of Annabel Bowlen before Pat Bowlen?

The dating history of Annabel Bowlen before Pat Bowlen is not known to the public.