Dr Dre Wife Nicole Threatt: Bio and Facts

dr dre wife Nicole Threatt
Dr Dre with his wife Nicole Threatt.

Who is Dr. Dre’s Wife?

American rapper, entrepreneur and record music producer Andre Romelle Young who is better known by his stage name Dr. Dre is married to Nicole Threatt. Nicole is a well known socialite among her peers. While also living a lifestyle of your typical housewife, Threatt has also managed to bide her time as an attorney despite not belonging to a law firm.

Nicole has managed to live at the periphery of the celebrity parameter that came in unwarranted when she married a well known rapper for a husband.She is so reclusive that bringing out the information required quite a lot of digging.

Below are some personal information on Dr. Dre’s life partner.

Birth Name: Nicole Kendra Plotzker

Birth Date: January 1, 1970

Profession: Attorney

Previous Husband: Sedale Threatt

Some interesting facts about Nicole Threatt

About her ex-husband Sedale Threatt and the ‘love triangle’

Dr. Dre is not the only celebrity Nicole has been wife to. Before tying knots with the hip-hop legend, Nicole was married to basketball player Sedale Threatt, perhaps that’s where the media and public picked up her last name.

Before they married, the three were in what we call a love triangle or like the western movie fanatics would call a ‘Mexican standoff’. Dr. Dre was the first to pull out the gun with this love letter to his darling.

dr dre love letter to his wife

Perhaps this gesture made Nicole to change her mind and end up marrying the multi millionaire record producer? who knows?

Her mega rich husband and the lavish lifestyle

It’s no secret that Dr Dre is a fairly wealthy man. He has an estimated net worth of a whopping $830 million dollars. Like a wealthy uncle May might have told a teenage Peter Parker, with wealth comes a lavish lifestyle.

They spent about $15.4 million оn their home which is nеаrlу 10,000 square foot contemporary residence located оn a gated promontory nеаr thе tippy-top оf thе so-called Bird Street’s nabe high аbоvе L.A.’s perennially chic Sunset Strip. You must have already guessed, this is not the only property they own.

Nicole is not the one to be overwhelmed by staggering amount of wealth it seems. She had a lot of ideas in her mind about how to spend their money. She wanted to build оnе super-sized mansion thаt would have catered thеir еvеrу lifestyle whim аnd desire.

Thе Young’s hаvе fivе children bеtwееn them, twо tоgеthеr аnd thrее frоm Dr. Dre’s previous relationships.

Rumor of her husband’s affair with Kili

A website dirty.com attacked Dr Dre’s marriage after alleging that Dr. Dre has affairs with a ‘big-bootied vixen an a gold digger Kili. The site went as far as to show the house the couple were supposed to be living in and a huge ring Dr Dre allegedly gave her.  We don’t know how his wife took to the news, but it’s safe to say he was more than annoyed. Dr Dre and his attorneys attacked the site and demanded to take the news off. After a series of attacks between two teams of attorneys, it seems like the post is finally taken off.

Living with a lot of kids.

dr dre with his wife and family

There seems to be a lot of karma involved with Dr. Dre’s first son. He fathered his first son named Curtis at the age of sixteen but the father-son duo did not meet for next 20 years. Dr Dre fathered his oldest son when he was just 16, but he didn’t meet him for 20 years. Guess what Curtis does for living? He is a rapper who goes by the name of Hood Surgeon. A surgeon and a doctor in the Young family, I wonder if they ever become sick.

Dr Dre has two children with his current wife, a son named Truice Young and a daughter named Truly Young. He has a daughter named from his relationship with Lisa Johnson, Andre Young Jr. from his relationship with Jenita Porter and a son named Marcel Young with Michel’le Toussaint. Adding Curtis to the mix, this makes six children Dr Dre and his wife are currently taking care of.