Nicolas Cage Wife: Alice Kim Cage


Despite making the divorce public mid 2016, it was reported that Nicholas Cage and his wife Kim Cage splitted around 6 months earlier. Kim is the latest wife of Nicolas Cage.

Who is Nicolas Cage Wife?

Alice Kim Cage is the Nicolas Cage is married to. She is an actor herself and has acted in movies like Grindhouse and Next.

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Personal Information on Alice Kim Cage

Full Name: Alice Yung Kim

Birth Date: December 27, 1983

Age: 33 years (As of January 2017)

Birthplace: Northern California

Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 90 Kg

Short bio of Nicolas Cage Wife

Like her husband Nicolas Cage, Alice is also working in show business. She is niece of Francis Ford Coppola, the legendary Hollywood director who has directed some of the best Hollywood flicks of all time including The Godfather Trilogy and Apocalypse Now. She reveals that belonging to such family of high regards is one of her primary motivations for acting. She is step daughter of another renowned movie star Weston Cage.

How did Nicolas Cage meet his wife?

Alice was serving as a waitress in a sushi bar when she met Nicolas Cage for the first time.  The couple hit off immediately and started living together. Kim also starred in a small role in Nicolas Cage directed movie: Next.

Some Less Known facts about Nicolas Cage Wife

  • Before becoming interested in acting, Alice was hugely interested in Nursing as her profession but for some reason she could not pursue her health career.
  • She has also appeared in theatre roles in the early stages of careers. Her works were well acknowledged by her fans.
  • As a role model, she looks up to her aunt. She witnessed her aunt achieve fame from acting and got motivated to enroll in University level study for acting.
  • Kim has good time management skills and she is neatly juxtaposing her time with movies and personal moment.
  • She has never been associated with another celebrity apart from her husband Nicholas Cage

Despite all of their effort, their marriage has not been particularly one from the heavens.
There has been multiple stances of cheating from both and eventually decided that the marriage was not working. Radaronline revealed that Alice had been seeing another man while in relationship with Cage. Cage interrogated that matter and brought up divorce proposal.