Mike Colter Wife Iva Colter: 5 Facts About The Luke Cage Star’s Wife

Mike Colter Wife Iva Colter
Mike Colter Wife Iva Colter (Source: Blacksportsonline)

Who is Mike Colter’s Wife?

Mike Colter is an American actor best known for playing the roles such as Luke Cage in Marvel’s TV series ‘Luke Cage’ and TV series ‘The Good Wife’. But do you know who the wife of this actor in real is? Yeah, you must have heard about Iva Colter. Mike Colter wife Iva Colter is a Netflix executive and a lecturer.

Mike at 41, has played roles in 9 films and 21 television series. And his wife is also a self-made, dedicated women. Interestingly, this couple was in love since their college and are together till the date. They look so adorable just like “made for each other” ones. Now let’s have a look at the life history of this inspirational lady.

Personal Information about Mike Colter Wife Iva Colter

Birth name: Iva Popovicova 

Birth date: ‎April 25, 1975

Birth place: New Jersey, United States

Age: 42 years

Nationality: American

Children: 1
Mike Colter with Wife Iva Colter
Mike Colter with Wife Iva Colter (Source: Thegrio)

Short Biography of Iva Colter

Iva was born in New Jersey, as Iva Popovicova in 1975. After high school, Iva went to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick where she got her Ph.D. It was at that very place where she met her future husband, Mike Colter. She further received her Master’s in Arts in Gender and Culture from CEU (Central European University).

After the completion of education, Iva worked as a senior executive search consultant for 6 long years. Later in 2012, she moved into a management role (Assistant Vice-President) of Recruiting at Ares Management in Century City. Again after two years, she moved to L.A. and joined Netflix Inc. as Manager in 2014. Impressively, she was soon promoted to her current position of Director of Talent Acquisition. Somewhere in between, Iva also arranged a time to go back to Rutgers University and worked as a professor in the English department.

5 Interesting Facts about Mike Colter Wife Iva Colter

1. Interracial marriage

Sad to say, but gossips about their interracial marriage is often in the market. The couple had to explain their love and togetherness just because they belong to different races, sadly, in a TV poll titled “Luke Cage’s got A White Wife — Mad or Nah?” 21% the people voted against the couple. And if you are one of them, man you really need to grow up.

2. Double degree

While this generation is finding hard to clear high school, Iva has a ouble degree. Even getting a PhD degree couldn’t satiate her hunger for knowledge and so she pursued a Master’s degree.

3. No Instagram

Well, in this era, there are few people who stay away from social life. And celebrities always love using them. But Iva doesn’t have any account on Instagram and seems like she is rather focused on her own life.

Mike Colter at Comic Con
Mike Colter at Comic Con (Source: Wikipedia)

4. 16 years of love

It’s been more than 16 years that these two love birds are together. And the bonding and understanding they show clearly proves that they are going to be together for many more years.

5. Fast promotion

It takes years to prove oneself and get a promotion in general. But Iva, extra ordinarily talented and dedicated, got promoted from manager to director just in 17 months of joining Netflix. Impressive, isn’t it?

How did Russell Mike Colter and Iva Colter meet?

Mike and Iva first met in their college while Iva was pursuing her PhD. They finally got married on 2016. They together have a baby girl. Apparently, they are a happy couple madly in love with each other.

Iva’s Relationship History

Mike Colter and wife Iva Colter have been together since college and no other dating history of Iva is known to the public.


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