Michael Strahan Girlfriend Kayla Quick: 5 Facts About Big Blue Star’s Girlfriend

Michael Strahan Girlfriend Kayla Quick
Michael Strahan and Girlfriend Kayla Quick (Source: YouTube)

Who is Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend?

A former American football player and now a media personality, Michael Strahan is all time favorite defensive player for many American football lovers. However, the strong defense Michael showed in football grounds contrasts with his unstable personal life. After two divorces and one broken engagement, Michael Strahan is now dating Kayla Quick.

Professionally, Kayla Quick is a model and a chef. But what she is known more for is her criminal records and her relationship with Michael. Well, let’s have a closer look at the life and personal details of Michael Strahan’s beautiful girlfriend.

Personal Information about Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend Kayla Quick

Full Name: Kayla Quick

Birthdate: 1990, September 20

Age: 27 years

Birthplace:  Port Charlotte, Florida

Birth Sign: Virgo

Nationality: American

Occupation: Model, Chef
Kayla Quick
Michael Strahan along with His Girlfriend Kayla Quick (Source: YouTube)

Short Biography of Kayla Quick

27 years old Kayla Quick was born in Port Charlotte, Florida. Her father Gerald Quick served in US army and he was also reported in criminal activities. She grew up along with her sister Kara Lee Quick.

It is reported that just at the age of 18, Kayla started her job as a stripper for four months in a Tampa Bay strip club. She later on also worked as a waiter and a chef in a restaurant. She has also worked as a model. We do not have any information regarding her educational status. She currently resides in Pinewood, CT.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Michael Strahan Girlfriend Kayla Quick

1. Family’s criminal history

As we already mentioned, Kayla’s family had a criminal history. Her father has been arrested 19 times for crimes such as weapon and drug possession. We have to say that’s a pretty shameful history for an American army family. Moreover, her sister has also been arrested for a similar reason, possession of controlled substances Xanax and Stilnox.

2. Kayla is criminal herself

Now when you come to know Kayla herself has been arrested several times, you are going to have really bad thoughts about Michael’s girlfriend. But yes, that’s the truth. At the age of 14, Kayla was arrested for disorderly conduct after she got into a fight in her hometown.

In a later incident, Kayla’s grandmother Margaret Cox, who was then returning home from recuperating from an illness couldn’t find her jewelry worth $6000. Kayla, then 18 was arrested after she confessed to the crime.

3. Thee Dollhouse

Short after her release, Kayla reportedly worked as a waitress in Tampa Bay’s strip club called ‘The Dollhouse. According to sources, Kayla was cunning and knew well how to hustle customers and could clear up to $2,000 in a single week. Well, we have to say that’s a pretty impressive income from her perspective.

4. Kayla and Michael’s relationship

Although the rumors of Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick dating each other began to emerge last year, none of them confirmed it at the beginning. However, they began to be increasingly seen together in the public. They were seen at restaurants and gym together.

The relationship was all but confirmed when Michael admitted to being committed to a serious relationship in Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ show. However, he didn’t reveal any information about Kayla at that time. The speculation finally turned out to be true when the couple was seen having dinner together at DirectTV’s Super Bowl party.

5. Other Relationships of Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan was first married to Wanda Hutchins, with whom he had a son and a daughter. His second wife meanwhile is Jean Muggli. They together have twin daughters. In 2009, he was engaged with American fashion model and TV personality Nicole Murphy but they broke up in 2014.

Kayla Quick and Michael Strahan Enjoy at A Pool (Source: YouTube)

How did Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick first meet?

Both of them haven’t shared much about their personal life. Kayla and Michael were first seen together in March 2016, enjoying a vacation at St. Barts. Their relationship story is known primarily based on the speculations made when they are spotted together in random places. However, considering the photos where they are seen together, we can say with confidence that they are really romantic and look great together.

Past Relationships of Kayla Quick

According to Radar Online, Kayla was charged with theft of her sick grandmother’s jewelry along with her then-boyfriend Justin Hendley. This is the only other relationship of Kayla Quick that we know of. No other serious relationship of Kayla Quick is known to the public. Many believe that she has had short time relationship with many guys throughout the years. But we do not know anything for sure.


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