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Matt Bomer Husband Simon Halls, Bio and Facts

matt bomer husband simon halls

Who is Matt Bomer’s husband?

American publicist Simon Halls is the husband of fellow compatriot actor Matthew Staton “Matt” Bomer. Matt only revealed of his relationship after he came out of closet in 2012. Bomer was seemingly unhappy with the rumors surrounding his sexuality and claimed he did not care about them as long as he has a “happy fulfilling life”.

Simon is a well known publicist in Hollywood and he has been credited for his works in the projects like Hollidaysburg, Sleuth, Hostel-Part II, Jesus’s sons and Trevor. Matt married Simon on 2011 and they have 3 kids together.

Brief bio of Simon Halls

Simon Halls was born in 12 January 1964 in America. He stands 6’2″ (188 cm) tall. Simon is a publicist by profession i.e he is responsible for publicizing a product, person, or company. Simon also publicizes recent current affairs. He was educated in  the University of South California and served his part of an alumni group from a boys prep school, Crescent School, in Toronto, Canada.

How did Matt Bomer meet his husband Simon Halls?

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls kiss in a ceremony

The exact circumstances of their meeting is unclear and the couple haven’t exactly revealed the fact. The nearest speculation is that the couple most likely have been together since 2004. It was the time Bomer left his ex-boyfriend and reappeared in LA wth a completely redone nose.

The couple married at a Desert AIDS Project event in Palm Springs in 2012 in a ceremony which Matt described as a “very chill” experience. The ceremony was held a year before Matt declared he was gay so naturally very few “nearest and dearest” people to the couple were invited to the wedding.

Interesting facts about Simon Halls

Simon is quite an entrepreneur

Simon along with fellow publicist Cindy Berger founded a public relation company Huvane Baum Halls Inc. in Beverly Hills. Their company later merged with PMK, a corporation whose blueprint was conceptualized by Pat Kingsley. After Pat stepped down from CEO in 2007, Smon and Cindi are running the firm.

Simon also collaborated with  fellow publicity heavyweight Stephen Huvane to open up Slate PR, which was listed by Business Insider as one of the most powerful publicist in Hollywood.

Special Accolades

Its rare that publicist receive accolades for their work but Simon has been credited for his invaluable works. He received special thanks for the movie Hollidaysburg. He also received special words of gratitude for an episode of Up Close with Carrie Keagan that aired on 7th June 2012.

Simon, Celebrity Husband and Beloved Family

Simon Halls, husband Matt Bomer with their three kids

Simon is currently enjoying a healthy relationship with his husband Matt and the best part is that they agree that family is above anything else in the world. They have three children together Kit Halls, Henry Halls and Walker Halls. Among them his two sons Kit and Henry are twins. All of them were born via surrogates.

It seems like Simon and Matt are having a lot of fun parenting. When asked about his experience, Simon was pretty candid.

“People who are having babies this way, we’ve jumped through I can’t tell you how many hoops, so it’s not just like, ‘It’ll be fun to be a parent,'” Halls told magazine W in 2008. “We are very committed.”

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