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Markiplier Girlfriend Amy Nelson: Bio and Facts

markiplier girlfriend amy nelson

Who is Markiplier’s Girlfriend?

Yes!! Markiplier does have a girlfriend folks. Despite he makes light work of his desperate dating situations in his YouTube videos, it is only logical that an YouTube celebrity of that stature is bound to have a female companion.

Amy Nelson is the girlfriend of the popular YouTube gamer and comedian Markiplier. She is a graphic designer from Cincinnati and has also tried her luck with animations. She is currently residing in L.A in an apartment with her friends.

Previously, Mark had dated a girl named Jess. He largely kept the relationship private. The couple have now split. Jess owns her own YouTube channel Saucy Cosplay.

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Personal Information on Amy Nelson

Birth Name:   Amy Nelson

Date of Birth:  May 21, 1994

Age: 22 (as of 2017)

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Nationality: American

Profession: Game & Graphic Designer, Animator

Social Media: Snapchat, Twitter

Interesting Facts about Markiplier’s Girlfriend Amy

Amy is active on Social Media

She is famous with her Twitter handle Pebbles amassing a loyal following of more than 70,000 followers. She has a unique username: iceddarkroast which she uses across different other social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr etc. 

Though she has said that she would like to keep her relationship private, she has shown off her affection for the “red Pewdiepie” from time to time.

markiplier and his girlfriend on twitter

She binge drinks Coffee

Amy loves coffee to an extent which we may find obsessive. She tweeted that she had 5 cups of coffee and some coffee ice cream on National Coffee day. Her username itself gives of hints of her adoration for caffeine.

She is a Disney fan

Markiplier is a Disney fan. He has admitted that several times in his videos. Seems like he has found a perfect girlfriend. Amy is a Disney fan herself. The couple seem cute together in their Disney outfits.

markiplier and his girlfriend are both Disney fans

You would not want to bother Amy’s friends

Amy does not get easily offended but that’s not the case with her friends. She once tweeted that she is fine with all her fake accounts but slammed the people who did the same for her friends. “Realize there’s a human on the other side of the screen”, she reminded the trolls.

She loves her boyfriend’s dog

amy nelson loves her dog chica

Amy has a dog as her BFF and her name is Chica. Her love for her dogs is no secret and she posts cute pictures of her and her dogs on Social medias.

Her boyfriend even posted a video with Chica

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