Steve Harvey Wife Marjorie Bridges-Woods: Bio and Facts

Steve Harvey Wafia Marjorie Bridges-Woods
Steve Harvey and wife Wafia Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Who is Steve Harvey’s wife?

Marjorie Bridges-Woods is the current wife of American comedian, television host, , radio personality, actor, producer and author Steve Harvey. Marjorie has largely kept her personal life a secret but sources claim that she is a fashion connoisseur and strolls by fashion shows around the world. She is also a part time fashion blogger.

Personal Information about Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Original Name: Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Date of Birth: October 10, 1974

Zodiac: Libra

Ethnicity: African American

Children: 3 (Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, Morgan Harvey)

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Nationality: American

Alma Mater: University of Memphis (Dropped out)

Spouse: Steve Harvey (Married in 2007), Darnell Woods

Social Media: Instagram


How did Steve Harvey meet his wife?

Steve and Marjorie met for the first time at a Memphis comedy club in 1990. Their first encounter has a movie-esque vibe to it. Marjorie walked into the room. Steve, completely unknown to her announced from stage, “I don’t know who you are but I’m going to marry you.”

They started dating but had to split after a very short period. Their romance finally went on next gear in 2005. Steve respects and adores his wife.

“Every great man has a woman… I didn’t say successful man, I said great man. Yeah, maybe you’re successful if you sign a $16 million NBA contract. But greatness is when you’re the husband and father you’re supposed to be. When everyone surrounding you looks up to you, depends on you, and you come through for them. That’s greatness.”, Steve told Essence.

Interesting facts about Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Controversial Relationship with Drug Lords

Marjorie has largely kept her past private but there have been allegations that she has been involved with drug lords in the past. There were rumors that she had been married with two drug lords who were cousin and had baby with each of them.

The no-drama affair

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Between the times when Harvey first met Marjorie and they got married, their relationship was mostly casual. Though people often exaggerate things like this, both Harvey and Marjorie were brutally honest with their relationship.

“We were friends. We dated years ago and I think it was the long distance more than anything with Steve and I [that made us go] our separate ways. Nothing happened. He didn’t break my heart. I didn’t break his heart. It just was a long distance relationship and someone would have had to make a decision back then. No one made a move. But it didn’t mean we didn’t care, it’s just sometimes life gets in the way. Obviously, it wasn’t the perfect timing or it would have happened.”, Marge told Essence.

She should be grateful to Steve’s bodyguard

Steve Harvey was going through a rough patch in his life after his divorce. He reportedly went homeless and slept in his car. May be it was out of sheer desperation, Steve jumped into second marriage despite not being sure of himself.

“I got married for the wrong reasons. I was tired of being alone. I have to own that. It was me, not her. But it was bad for a long time.”

It was Steve’s bodyguard who put the notion of marrying Marjorie in his head.

He told me, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie. Now before you go and do something stupid and marry another woman, I’m calling her.’”, Harvey told People.

Marjorie has a lot to thank for the bodyguard for helping her find the love of her life.

She stopped her husband from attending Trump’s inauguration

Steve Harvey had to endure a heavy backlash from the Internet community after he was spotted having a meeting with Donald Trump. But Steve Harvey missed the inauguration ceremony of the most controversial president in the history because of his wife.

“I’ll be turning 60 on Tuesday and my wife is taking me far away. So, I won’t be at anybody’s inauguration because my wife said no.”, Harvey said about the inauguration.