Louis C.K. Ex Wife Alix Bailey: 5 Facts About Comedian’s Former Wife

Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey
Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey (Source: YouTube)

Who is Louis C.K.’s Ex Wife?

Louis C.K. is a famous American comedian, writer, producer, actor, director and editor. He is best known for directing short films, auto-biographical plays and for his supporting roles in many films. Louis C.K.’s former wife Alix Bailey is an established painter and an actress.

The couple broke up after being in a relationship for 15 years and is now well focused in their career. Louis in one interview said that she was still a big part of his life when asked about Alix.

Personal Information about Louis C.K. Ex Wife Alix Bailey

Full Name: Alix Bailey

Birthdate: September 12, 1967

Age: 50 years

Birthplace: Washington, United States

Star sign: Aquarius

Nationality: American

Occupation: Actress, Painter

Children: 2
louis ck wife
Louis C.K’s Ex Wife Alix Bailey (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Alix Bailey

Alix was born in Washington City as the daughter of painter parents on September 12, 1967.  Although Alix was born in Washington, she grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, and Italy as well. The influence of her parent’s passion for art and creativity was seen on Alix from a very small age.

Alix studied painting at Bennington College and later on, she received Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University. She is enthusiastic and passionate about arts and painting till this date and her works are loved by people.

Besides being a painter, Alix is also a veteran actress. She is loved for her work in many films. Alix was admired a lot for her excellent role in the movie ‘Spooky Stakeout’. Alix came to wider recognition after her marriage to Louis.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Louis C.K. Former Wife Alix Bailey

1. Painter Alix Bailey

Alix Bailey paints from her studio in New York where she also raises her kids. The movie Louis directed i.e. ‘Pootie Tang’ was based on comedy sketches. And Alix Bailey was the one who created all of the artwork for ‘Pootie Tang’ and her work was highly admired.

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2. Alix’s film career

In 1998, Alix Bailey starred in the film ‘Tomorrow Night’. ‘Pootie Tang’ was her next movie that was released in 2001. Interesting enough, both of the films were directed by Louis. We can say that Louis was her inspiration to work as an actress. Alix’s last film ‘Spooky Stakeout’ was released in October 2016.

3. Alix’s children

It is often a difficult issue for children when their parents get divorced. The two kids Kitty Szekely and Mary Louise also had to face the same problem after Alix and Louis got separated.  In 2016, they even bought a Greenwich Village apartment worth $564,900 for their children.

louis ck ex wife alix bailey
Louis C.K. Talking About Former Wife Alix Bailey during a Show (Source: YouTube)

4. Alix Bailey’s net worth

People generally believe that Alix is only famous because of her husband and has nothing of her own. And if you also think so, then let me inform that you are totally wrong. Alix alone has the net worth over one million dollars from her painting and roles in films. After all, Alix is a self-made woman.

5. Alix is still single

It’s been almost a decade that Alix and Louis decided to get separated. After the divorce, Louis has been in many controversial relationships, but Alix is still single and happy. She enjoys her time with her kids and expressing the beauty of her mind in the form of paintings. Yes, Alix is a real inspiration.

How did Louis C.K. first meet Alix Bailey?

The couple has already been separated and it might not matter where and how they got to meet. It is said that they fell in love before Louis really struck it big as a comedian. The couple celebrated their wedding in a very private ceremony in New York in 1995.

Together, Alix and Louis had 2 daughters, Mary Louise Szekely, born in 2005 and Kitty Szekely, born in 2002. But after 13 years of marriage, the couple started feeling incredibly unhappy with each other and thus decided to divorce in 2008.


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