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Rob Schneider Ex Wife London King: Bio and Facts

Actress London King

Who is London King?

London King is an actress and former model. She was previously married to American actor,  screenwriter and comedian,Rob Schneider. Some of her remarkable appearances include  A Better Way to Die, The Calling and Raw Fish.

She was married to Rob Schneider from 25 September 1988 to 1 September 1990. She is currently married to Justin Tesa since 21st January 2000.

Personal Information about London King

Name: London King

Parents:  David and Paula King

Children: 2 (Noah and Elle King)

Instagram Handlepushlovedoula


How London King met Rob

According to her daughter, London and Rob had a Vegas Marriage. Well, not like Stu’s in the movie Hangover (evidently of course, they have a daughter)  but still close. They reportedly got married 3 days after meeting each other and divorced in 2 year.

Interesting fact about London King

Celebrity Daughter who ditched her father’s last name for London’s

Elle King, the husky soulful singer of songs like Wild Love and Ex and Oh’s is the daughter born out of the “Vegas Marriage”. Elle King was previously known as Elle Schneider but she ditched her father’s last name in favor of her mothers. It helped her become more of an “own person”. Elle told ABC.

“It’s not that I wanted to be a famous person. I wanted to be a performer,” she said. “But I worked really hard and I did everything myself and I took a name that … is my mother’s name … I took that name because I wanted to be myself.”

“And, yeah, people know who my dad is,” she added. “But I think that my voice and my music speaks for itself: that I am my own person.”

She married a loyal man who looked after her daughter

Though Elle is associated more with her biological father, it was her stepfather who played the role of godfather in her life.  It was Justin who introduced Elle to different music genres. It was a struggle raising her daughter for open minded London and she would be left picking pieces from her clashes with  her straight-laced parents. Her husband was certainly of huge help raising her daughter.

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