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Laura Kuenssberg Husband James Kelly: Who Is The BBC Political Editor Married To?

Laura Kuenssberg

Who is Laura Kuenssberg’s Husband?

British journalist Laura Kuenssberg is married to James Kelly. Laura has worked in programs such as BBC North East, Cumbria and Channel 4 News. She has also worked as the business editor of ITV news.

In July 2015, she was appointed as the political editor of BBC News, the first woman to hold the position. In November 2016, Kuenssberg was awarded Broadcaster of the Year by the Political Studies Association.

Personal Information about Laura Kuenssberg Husband James Kelly

Full Name: James Kelly

Occupation: Management Consultant

Laura Kuenssberg

Short Bio of James Kelly

James Kelly is the husband of media queen Laura Kuenssberg. The personal information about James Kelly is not much known to the public and is very hard to find in internet database as well.

Interesting Facts about Laura Kuenssberg Husband James Kelly

1. James attended a school in Edinburgh.

James Kelly, husband of Laura Kuenssberg attended a school in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, the year he graduated and the name of school attended is not known to us.

2. James Kelly also attended Harvard University.

James Kelly later went on to attend Harvard University. As you already know, Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. However, the major and the date of graduation is not open to the public.

3. He is a very private man.

James Kelly likes his privacy as he has stayed outside of the limelight his whole life, despite his wife being one of the most revered female journalists in the world. As a result, very few details is available regarding his personal life.

4. He lives in East London.

James Kelly and Laura Kuenssberg presently reside in East London of England.

Laura Kuenssberg and Rachel Reeves

How did James Kelly and Wife Laura Kuenssberg meet each other?

The information about how they first met each other is a mystery as there is no any article on the internet about this and the pair has not been forthcoming about their first meeting.

However, the pair might have met in the Edinburgh, Scotland because Laura Kuenssberg attended the University of Edinburgh and James Kelly also went to school in Edinburgh but this is just a guesswork.

What is the dating history of Lura Kuenssberg’s Hubby James Kelly before Laura?

The dating history of James Kelly before Laura Kuenssberg is not known to the public. However, he is the first husband of Laura and their marriage is as strong as ever.

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