Khatira Rafiqzada Michael Ealy Wife, (Bio, Age, Wiki, Family)

Khatira Rafiqzada, michael ealy wife
Khatira Rafiqzada and her husband Michael Ealy

Who is Khatira Rafiqzada?

Khatira Rafiqzada is a less known American actress. She is the wife of actor Michael Ealy who is known for his roles in movies Barbershop, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Takers, Think Like a Man, About Last Night and The Perfect Guy.

Khatira’s career has not gone quite well as she would have hoped for. A search for her filmography reveals only two movies she has been involved in. A full feature movie Chain Letter where she appeared as Ms Garet and a short movie Layla where she portrayed the character Zola.

Personal Information on Khatira Rafiqzada

Birth Name: Khatira Rafiqzada

Ethnicity: Possibly Middle Eastern

Age: 36 (as of 2017)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Acting

Height: 173 cm (5’8″) Screen Guess!

Hair:  Dark-Brown

Weight: 65 kg

Spouse: Michael Ealy

Children: 2 (a son named Elijah Brown and a daughter)

Married life of Khatira Rafiqzada

Fans of Micheal Ealy will know that he is quite not the kardashian type. He likes to keep things private and lives sort of reclusive lifestyle. It was his representative who broke the news of his marriage with Khatira Rafiqzada.

“Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately,” his rep said. “Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy.”, Michael’s rep told People.

The couple married back in December 2012. Michael was 36 at that time while Khatira was 31 years old.

Khatira must have developed a really good bonding with Michael before marriage. Michael is a Christian and he believes that friendship is important before committing your life to someone. With such rigid standards set by Michael, Khatira must have been someone special to convince Michael that she was the one for her. This much can be inferred from his interview below despite him being coy on the topic.

Facts you should know about Khatira Rafiqzada

Unclear Ethnicity

Just because middle eastern people look so similar with Indians, People often assume she is an Indian. But she is so notoriously private that to dig her personal information is quite a daunting task. So things are left to assumption here. Our assumption is that her ethnic origin is middle eastern. Perhaps Iranian or Afghanese.

Her husband supports her religion

Such is the fear mongering these days that many people are just scared by the thoughts of Islam but her husband is far from that bandwagon. He opposed Trump’s Muslim ban on Instagram and supported Khatira with a hashtag #nomuslimban.


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She quietly became mother last year

When celebrities become parents, their parenthood is barely hidden and the gossip is hardly concealed. But Michael has managed to live his life far from the spotlight. As a matter of fact, it took the world by surprised when her husband Michael Ealy revealed the news about her newborn daughter on the Steve Harvey show.

Ealy who is now above 40 took a second shot at fatherhood and admits that this experience is equally exhilarating as the first one if not more.

“I just discovered a whole new love. I’ve never ever felt this way before. I was wondering if I could love another child as much as I love my son. And what I realized, within hours of my daughter being born, not only do I love her just as much if not more”, Michael revealed on Steve Harvey Show.

Her reclusive lifestyle

Both Michael and Khatira  shy away from spotlight. But Khatira has taken it into another level. Most people enjoy second or third hand attention. Like being related to a celebrity or having celebrity friends, but Khatira, despite having the power to get attention if she wanted, has decided not to use it. She has managed to be so reclusive that we did not even find her twitter account nor her Instagram account. Either she goes by other handles which do not consist of any parts of her name Khatira Rafiqzada or she does not care at all, anyways, good for her.