Kevin Gates wife Dreka Gates: Bio and Facts

Kevin Gates wife Dreka Gates
Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates

Who is Kevin Gates’ Wife?

Dreka Gates is the wife of  Kevin Gates. Kevin Jerome Gates is an American pop singer, rapper and entrepreneur. Dreka is Kevin’s booking manager and a social media celebrity.

Personal Information on Kevin Gates’ wife Dreka

Original Name: Dreka Haynes

Children: 2 (Islah and Khaza)

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

How did Kevin meet his wife Dreka?

The couple met in their early 20’s and dated for 13 years before eventually tying the knot in 2015. Drake announced that year that he is naming his album’s name as Insha, which translates to make something better in Arabic after the name of his first born daughter.

Interesting Facts about Dreka Gates

She has supported her husband on his rough patches

Dreka has always been supportive of her husband. She has provided helping hand during his direst of times. Most notably during during the event when her husband viciously kicked a female fan in the chest after she touched his leg as he walks past onstage. She immediately came to his rescue claiming that Kevin was just defending himself and entered a “Stand Your Ground” defense, but the judge wasn’t buying it.

She later posted the video of the incident in her instagram coming in for defense of her husband. She later sarcastically thanked the law system for taking her kids away from her husband.

You mean to tell me that @iamkevingates kicked the girl in the red jumpsuit and knocked the breathe out her? Because that's what she's been claiming and testified today in court. If anything her friend choked the fuck out of her. She claims she fainted, but yet she and her friend stayed at the club at the front of the stage even after this incident. She also acquired a civil attorney early on…what does that tell you? She also touched him FIRST (more than once) without his consent but yet he was the one sentenced to jail today for the same crime. She and her friend also had very conflicting stories and were tripped up in many lies today in the courtroom. It was comical and sad at the same time to see how desperate people are for fame and money. Not to mention the prosecutors wanted to give him 60 days with anger management and community service but yet the judge decided to give him 180 days?!? Are you fucking kidding me. Inshallah justice will be served. #unjust #fuckery #polkcounty #smfh by the way, thanks for taking my husband away from our kids (sarcasm) #itsnotoverjustyet

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Her Sex life seems fun

Kevin being the mellow person we know he is, takes good care of his wife. He told in an interview (in the above video) that their sex life has no limits.  The couple are sexually overt and openly share their sexual experiences. Drake also revealed about the awesome oral sex the couple have on their free time.

She changed her husband

Kevin admits that his wife has changed his life. “She changed my life, I was not this kind of individual”, he said in an interview. He admits that Dreka changed her on both ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’ level.

Social Media hesitance and stardom

She was scared to initially get involved with Social media but after being “forced” by a guy named Raheem who handled couple’s digital integration.

He created the account and was like, “Alright Dreka, you’re live.” I’m like, “F*CK!” I was really, really scared because I’ve heard how critical people were and I was just like, “I don’t want to subject myself to this bullshit, you know.”

But she was surprised by the sheer amount of people knowing her and that’s what kept her interested.

 “Wow, this is insane!” My thing is just playing the background, but now its like, “No girl, you are on front street.”, revealed She in a interview.

She is a fan of Kim K

Despite all the stick Kim Kardashian receives on Social Media, Dreka admits that it is surprising how she manages to still stay relevant after so many years.

“There is so much to be said about that. That is insane! She sells her lifestyle and that’s amazing to me! That’s one person I admire”, Dreka said.