Karl Pilkington Wife Suzanne Whiston: Who Is The English TV Presenter Married To?

Karl Pilkington

Who is Karl Pilkington’s Wife?

Karl Pilkington is married to Suzanne Whiston, his long-term girlfriend, and partner since 1990s. Karl Pilkington is an English television presenter, author, comedian, actor, and radio producer. He rose to prominence as the producer of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s radio program on XFM.

He is the co-founder of RiSK Productions, a television production company and starred in the Sky 1 travel documentary comedy series The Moaning of Life.

Personal Information about Karl Pilkington Wife Suzanne Whiston

Full Name: Suzanne Whiston

Birthdate: 1968

Age: 48 years

Occupation: Television producer

Ethnicity: White

Karl Pilkington

Short Bio of Suzanne Whiston

Suzanne Whiston is the wife of Karl Pilkington and is best known for her work as a producer on the BBC’s Match of The Day football highlights. She also worked at the 2006 World Cup in Germany and she is the partner of fellow producer Karl Pilkington as well.

Interesting facts about Karl Pilkington Wife Suzanne Whiston

1. Suzanne is a very private woman.

Suzanne Whiston is a very private woman and likes to keep her personal affairs to herself. Not much is known about her to the public besides what Karl has told about her in his gigs. The fans of Karl have reportedly searched for the photo of Suzanne in the internet websites with limited success.

2. She runs Alrite Productions.

Suzanne Pilkington runs Alrite Productions with her husband Karl Pilkington. The news surfaced in 2014 that Karl is liquidating his Round Ed Productions to concentrate in Alrite Productions.

3. She is active on Twitter.

Suzanne Whiston is active on a social platforms like Twitter. Her Twitter bio describes her as ‘Proud Wife of Karl, 20+Years’. She joined Twitter in October 2013.

Karl Pilkington

How did Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington meet each other?

Karl Pilkington and Suzanne Whiston met while they were working at Key 103, a radio station in Manchester. One of the notable incidents is Whiston lent Pilkington 20p to pay for a hot chocolate.

Karl later did some editing work for Suzanne, resulting in Whiston buying another hot chocolate for Pilkington. This incident was mentioned on The Ricky Gervais Show podcast. They fell for each other while working and today, their relationship has lasted for more than 20 years.