Joe Rogan Wife Jessica Schimmel: Bio, Facts and Romantic Details

Joe Rogan wife

Who is Joe Rogan’s Wife?

American TV producer Jessica Schimmel is the woman Joe Rogan is married to. Joseph James Rogan, known by his stage name “Joe Rogan” is an American stand-up comedian, actor, television host and podcast host.

Joe Rogan rose to fame through his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, released in 2009. ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ has gone on to become one of the most popular podcasts of all time. As of October 2015, it has been downloaded 16 million times.

Having been a comedy fan since his youth, Joe Rogan began his career as a stand-up comedian in Boston in 1988. He moved to New York in 1990 and after four years, he moved to Los Angeles. Rogan’ career took off in Los Angeles. After starting by working in local comedy clubs, he signed contract with Disney and also appeared in sitcoms such as ‘Hardball’ and ‘NewsRadio’.

Personal Information about Joe Rogan Wife Jessica Schimmel

Full Name: Jessica Lynne Schimmel

Birthdate: June 28, 1978

Age: 37 years

Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Birth Sign: Cancer

Nationality: American

Occupation: Television Producer

Children: 3
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Source: Wikipedia)

Short Bio of Jessica Schimmel

Jessica Schimmel was born on June 28, 1978 to parents Robert Schimmel and Vicki Schimmel. Her father was a famous comedian, whose materials were often X-rated and controversial. He passed away in a car accident in 2010.

After divorcing her mother, Robert married Jessica’s best friend Melissa, four years senior to her. Her father started dating 25 year old Melissa when Jessica was 21. Jessica has four brothers Derek, Jacob, Sam and Max, and a sister Aaliyah.

5 Facts to know about Joe Rogan Wife Jessica Schimmel

1. Jessica is a former cocktail waitress.

Jessica worked as a cocktail waitress in a bar during the early stages of her career.

2. She has produced several materials on TV.

She worked as an assistant to the producers in 15 episodes of TV series “The Simpsons” in 2002. She also worked as the production supporter of TV movie documentary “Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed” in 2005.

3. She often appeared alongside her dad on TV.

Jessica frequently appeared alongside her dad on the “Howard Stern” shows between 1999 and 2008.

Comedian Robert Schimmel
Comedian Robert Schimmel (Source: The New York Times)

4. She moved to New York in 2005.

Jessica moved to New York City in February 24, 2005 to start a new chapter in her life.

5. She doesn’t go by the name of Jessica Rogan.

Since Joe prefers to remain private about his family, fans know very little about his wife and kids. And since she doesn’t go by her husband’s last name, a search about Jessica Rogan will reveal hardly any information about her.

How did Jessica Schimmel and Joe Rogan meet?

We don’t exactly know how Joe and Jessica met as Joe prefers to keep his family matters private. The couple dated for many years before getting married. What we know is that the couple had a daughter in May 2008 while they were still dating and got married a year later. They had a second daughter in 2010. The names of Joe Rogan’s kids is not out in the public either.

They lived in Boulder, Colorado prior to the birth of their second child. Now, the family resides in Bell Canyon, California.

Joe Rogan Spouse Jessica Schimmel’s Dating History

Joe Rogan is stepfather to a daughter from Jessica’s previous relationship. Joe previously dated German-born American actress and reality TV star Jerri Manthey. Rogan and Manthey dated for six years between 1997 and 2003.