Jim Nantz Wife Courtney Richards: Who Is The Wife Of NFL Anchorman?

Jim Nantz Wife Courtney Richards

Who is Jim Nantz’s Wife?

Courtney Richards is the wife of American sportscaster Jim Nantz. James William “Jim” Nantz, III, born on May 17, 1959, is an American sportscaster of the National Football League (NFL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I men’s basketball and the PGA Tour for CBS Sports since the 1990s.

He has also worked as the NFL announcer on CBS’ top play-by-play team since 2004.

Personal Information about Jim Nantz Wife Courtney Richards

Full Name: Courtney Richards Nantz

Birthdate: 1979

Age: 37 years

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Children: 2 (Finley Cathleen Nantz and Jameson George Nantz)

Jim Nantz Wife Courtney Richards

Short Bio of Courtney Richards

Courtney Richards is married to Jim Nantz and the mother of his two children. She rose to fame when she started dating Jim Nantz. Personal details about Courtney is a total mystery to the public even though her husband is a star announcer.

Interesting Facts about Jim Nantz’ Spouse Courtney Richards

1. Courtney had an affair with Jim Nantz.

Courtney Richards and Jim Nantz had an affair when he was still married to his first wife Ann- Lorraine “Lorrie” Carlsen Nantz. They were married for 26 years and the judge who oversaw their divorce told that Jim’s affair had nothing to do with divorce.

2. She is 20 years younger than Jim.

When the couple became exclusive, their relationship was in the limelight because Courtney Richards was twenty years younger than Jim Nantz.

3. She knows Bush Family.

Jim proposed Courtney in 2010 while on vacation with his close friend, former President George H.W. Bush at the Bush family compound in Walker’s Point Maine.

4. She is a private woman.

Her private nature can be underlined by the lack of personal information on her in media and internet.

Jim Nantz Wife Courtney Richards

How did Courtney Richards and Jim Nantz meet each other?

The specifics about their first meeting is a total mystery but the timing was not very good because they began dating each other when Jim Nantz was still married to his first wife. This might be a reason as well for the secrecy about their first meeting.

What is the dating history of Courtney Richards so far?

The dating history of Courtney Richards is not known to us before Jim Nantz. However, when the pair started officially dating each other, the pair was on the news headlines because of their age gaps. They were engaged for 20 months before they got married to each other.