Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee: Bio and Facts

Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee

Who is Jesse Williams’ Wife?

Jessie Williams is currently married to Aryn Drake-Lee. Jesse Wesley Williams, mostly known as Jesse Williams, is an American actor, model and activist. He attained the heights of glory for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on the ABC Television series Grey’s Anatomy.

Personal Information about Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee

Full Name: Aryn Drake-Lee

Birth Date: 1982

Age: 34 years

Nationality: American

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Children: 2 (Maceo Williams and Sadie Williams)

Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee

Short Bio of Aryn Drake-Lee

Aryn Drake-Lee is one of the most successful real estate brokers in the Brown Harris Stevens Park Slope office and married to Jesse Williams. She got married to Jesse in 2012.

Interesting Facts about Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee

1. Aryn is a graduate from Ivy League college.

Aryn Drake-Lee attended Barnard College, which has an affiliated relationship with Columbia University. The graduate of Barnard College receives diploma certificates from Columbia University.

2. She speaks three languages.

Apart from English, she speaks Spanish and French fluently. She learned these languages when she attended the French American International School in San Francisco.

3. She keeps her personal life private.

Aryn is a very private person, so her personal life is not much out there in internet databases. Even her wedding was a private affair, where only near and dear ones were invited.

4. She is an entrepreneur.

She contributed to the development of app Ebroji, which speaks to an inclusion. It was designed to improve the way we communicate.

Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee and Kid

How did Aryn Drake-Lee and Jesse Williams meet?

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake lee met in New York when Jesse William was a high school teacher. They fell in love with each other and dated for five years until they got married. Aryn supported the transition of Jesse Williams from a high school teacher to an actor whole-heartedly.

What is the dating history of Jesse Williams Wife Aryn Drake-Lee so far?

The dating history of the better half of Jesse Williams, Aryn Drake-Lee before Jesse Williams is not known to the world till now as Aryn keeps her personal life away from limelight.