Jesse Watters Wife Noelle Watters: 5 Facts About Political Commentator’s Wife

Jesse Watters Wife
Jesse Watters and Wife Noelle Watters at Their Wedding (Source: YouTube)

Who is Jesses Watters’ Wife?

You might have seen a tall handsome guy giving some humorous political comments over Fox News Channel. If not, you surely must have seen him in the political talk show ‘The O’Reilly Factor’. If you still haven’t, you might have no interest in politics of America. Jesse Watters is an American TV host and political commentator. Watters has been married to wife Noelle Watters for the most part of the last decade. Jesse Watters wife is also a TV host and fashion stylist.

Jesse Watters is well known for his satires and unique analysis of political events. The love of the couple is still in the years after so many years of marriage.

Personal Information about Jesse Watters Wife Noelle Watters

Full Name: Noelle Watters

Birthdate: Unknown

Birthplace: United States

Nationality: American

Occupation: TV Host, Fashion Designer

Children: 2
Noelle Watters
Noelle Watters with Her Husband Jesse Watters (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Noelle Watters

Noelle Watters was born to American parents in the United States of America. She was interested in fashion designing since childhood and worked to build her career in that very field. Furthermore, Noelle also has a well-established career as a journalist.

She hosted a short-lived fashion and style show on Fox News called ‘iMag Style’. Her work was well appreciated by the audience. Currently, Noelle works for the American Fox News Channel as a host and fashion stylist.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Jesse Watters’ Wife Noelle Watters

1. Noelle’s net worth

Not just a famous husband’s wife, Noelle is also a self-made woman. She alone has a net worth of over $1 million. Her TV shows pay her off well making her an economically strong woman.

Just here to measure the drapes

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2. She has twin daughters

The couple has been lucky to be blessed with two beautiful twin daughters. Sophie Watters and Ellie Watters were born on same day in 2011, two years after the marriage of this adorable couple.

3. She dated Jesse for a long time

The couple has been married since 2009. But they were in a relationship long before that. Only after dating each other for many years, they decided to live together as husband and wife. Since then, no serious conflict between this beautiful couple has been known to the public.

Thank you

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4. Noelle voted Barak Obama in the election

Now, after having a look over headlines, you must be wondering how I came to know who ‘Noelle voted. Let me be clear, it was her husband who revealed the truth. As Talking Points Memo reports in, Jesse told to Outnumbered that Noelle shared with him about voting for President Barack Obama in 2012.

5. Married to a very romantic person

When the romance of relationship remains fresh even when the relationship gets old, the bond is the strongest. Noelle also has a very romantic husband and their relationship is going great even after a decade of marriage. Jesse once said, “My home life is ‘Noelle’s World’” on Valentine’s Day.

Jesse Watters Wife Noelle Watters
Jesse Watters with Wife Noelle Watters (Source: YouTube)

How did Jesse Watters first meet Noelle Watters?

Both of them have similar kind of work i.e. both of them are TV personality on the same channel. So they might probably have had their first meeting during some work-related issues. We don’t have much idea about their love life, but for sure they have been in love for many years they married.

After dating each other for a long time, they finally decided to tie their knot in 2007 in a very private ceremony. And now, they have been together for a decade. They are blessed with two children and are living a blissful married life. They together reside in Philadelphia.

Past Relationships of Noelle Watters

The couple has been committed to each other for all the years we know and no other relationship of Noelle has been known to the public.


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