Jeffree Star Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt: 5 Facts About Musician’s Boyfriend

Musician Jeffree Star with Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt
Musician Jeffree Star with Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt (Source: YouTube)

Who is Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend?

American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, make-up artist and occasional model Jeffree Star is from California, born on November 15, 1985. He is considered as one of the most famous independent artists. He started his career as a musician, first on MySpace as an electronica and pop singer and released his first album ‘Beauty Killer’ in 2009. Jeffree Star currently lives with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in California.

Star in the past used to make fake ID, attended Hollywood clubs in mini dresses, contracted with celebrities to work at their home. While in junior high school, he put his mother’s makeup to school. Those moments have played an indispensable role in his makeup, modeling and music jobs.

Star was involved in the ‘True Colors Tour 2007’, which traveled through fifteen different cities in US and Canada. He has appeared in Kesha’s music video of the song ‘Take it Off’ and worked with other musical legends like Blood on the Dance Floor, Millionaires, Deuce, and Larry Tee. You can see him on MySpace with a large number of followers, where he make social commentary on “self-image and confidence”, fame, beauty, and life.

Personal Information about Jeffree Star Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt

Birth name: Nathan Schwandt

Birthdate: August 18, 1993

Birthplace: Michigan, US

Nationality: American

Birth sign: Leo
Nathan Schwandt
Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt Together (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Nathan Schwandt

Nathan Schwandt, who was born in Michigan, is an Instagram star who has more than 80,000 followers. He is currently working in Jeffree Star’s cosmetic company and is also Star’s live-in partner.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Jeffree Star Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt

1. Critics everywhere

When Nathan is too close with his lover Jeffree, people raise criticism like he is close with Jeffree just because of his nice cars and attractive mansions. But people miss the fact that he works hard in the warehouse of the brand for Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Little throw back. 🔥

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2. First date

Are you excited about their first date? Relax! After Nathan’s flight landed on Instagram and he met Jeffree, they start talking to each other. Their first date was at Santa Monica Pier where they had dinner first followed by a romantic walk along the beach.

3. Jeffree’s visit to Nathan’s home

Once in 2016, Jeffree was in Michigan to visit Nathan’s family. He talked to them about Zach, Nathan’s brother and requested him to work with him. Since then, Zach is also living with them and working at Jeffree Star Cosmetics Company.

4. Amazing children

Diva, Diamond, and Delicious!! They are the pretty dogs whom they call their children and love very much. The height of intimacy is so much that each of them knows passwords on their phones and can access them.

5. Controversial relationship

Jeffree Star Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt
Nathan Schwandt along with Jeffree Star (Source: YouTube)

Everything is fair in love and war. These two lovebirds felt that relationship does not just depend upon gender at birth. But Nathan actually has straight sexuality and he had dated many girls before Star. Hope he has not taken his love for granted.

How did Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt meet?

Before Nathan, Jeffree had a boyfriend but their relationship did not last for long. And then, transgender Star found his love in Nathan Schwandt. Two of them met on Instagram and are dating since early 2015. Just to see Jeffree, Nathan flew from Michigan to California. Looking at their Instagram pics, it seems like two hearts are in love so truly, madly and deeply.

Nathan Schwandt’s Relationship History

Nathan is said to have dated only women in the past before he commenced his affair with Jeffree Star. And now he is dating a transgender. His relationship has somewhat bewildered his fans.


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