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James Corden Wife Julia Carey: Who Is The British Actor Married To?

James Corden Wife Julia Carey

Who is James Corden’s Wife?

James Corden is currently married to Julia Carey. James Kimberley Corden, most popularly known as James Corden is an English actor, writer, producer, comedian, television host, and singer.

He rose to prominence for his role in critically acclaimed BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey, which he co-created, co-wrote and starred in. He is also the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden, a late-night television talk show on CBS.

Personal Information about James Corden Wife Julia Carey

Full Name: Julia Carey

Birth Date: 1979

Age: 37 years

Occupation: Actress

Children: 2 (Max Corden and Carey Corden)

James Corden Wife Julia Carey

Short Bio of Julia Carey

Julia Carey is an actress, a television producer, and a social charity worker. She tied her knot with James Corden in 2012.

Interesting Facts about James Corden Wife Julia Carey

1. Julia has acted in several TV series.

Julia Carey, according to IMDB, has acted in the TV series like A Bunch of Fives, Enemy at the Door, Within These Walls and Wings.

2. She has actively supported her husband’s career.

James Corden had to relocate in Los Angeles for his TV show and Carey agreed, which is notable because their son and daughter were just three years old and five weeks old respectively at that time. In addition, Corden has, on various occasions, accredited his success to his wife.

3. The couple are close friends with David Beckham.

James Corden and Julia Carrey apparently, are close friends with English Football star David Beckham. They even reportedly asked him for an advice regarding how to raise their kids in Los Angeles.

James Corden Wife Julia Carey

How did Julia Carey and James Corden meet?

The specifics about how they met with each other is not known to the public but they first met each other via actor Dominic Cooper. Dominic Cooper was the friend and housemate of James Corden. They soon went out in date and completely fell for each other.

Who did James Corden Wife Julia Carey date previously?

Julia Carey’s dating history is a mystery to us as almost no information is available in the internet world about her past relationships.

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