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Jacksepticeye Girlfriend Signe Hansen (Wiishu): Bio and Facts

Jacksepticye girlfriend Signe Hansen Wiishu

Who is Jacksepticeye’s girlfriend?

Signe Hansen more popularly known as Wiishu or wwiishu is currently dating the YouTube gamer and comedian Seán William McLoughlin, more popularly known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye.

Wiishu is a digital artist and a part time YouTuber. She has also been involved in some gigs with her boyfriend’s pal Markplier.

Personal Information on Jacksepticye’s Danish belle Signe Hansen (Wiishu)

Name: Signe Hansen

Alias: Wishu, Wwiishu

Birthplace: Denmark

Date of Birth 19, 1995

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5’3″ (163 cm)

Age: 21 years (as of 2017)

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Interesting facts about Signe Hansen (Wiishu)

She has an identical twin 

She has three older siblings including an identical twin sister. She loves them very much and admits that ‘she won’t be who she is’ without her sisters.

She loves warm colors

Signe loves warm colors. Her favorite color is orange which according to her is “warm, fulfilling and really nice”. She says that she can not wear orange clothes so that “kind of sucks”.

Mornings and Evenings

When asked to choose whether she liked mornings or evenings, Wiishu said that she likes waking up early in the morning and getting her stuff done but she also admits she loves her bed all too much. She also enjoys staying up late, lighting candles and evening tea.

She loves tea

Signe is a ‘tea lover. Wiishu likes tea more than coffee. She has admitted that she adds up so many other things in her coffee that it does not taste like coffee anymore.  Wiishu adores tea and says she can drink it all day long.

She has a huge love for plants

She loves caring for plants, especially Cacti. She has gotten herself an insane ‘horde’ of cacti. She admits it’s a fun hobby.

Wiishu had nothing to do with Septiplier

There were rumors flying around that Jack and Mark were playing games together for the so-called Septiplier venture. But it did not materialize. Some fans suspected that Jack having relationship with Wiishu was one of the reasons for the cancellation of the collaboration but Jack later cleared that there never was a collaboration in the first place and it was absolutely ridiculous absolutely ridiculous to blame Wiishu for that.

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