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Idubbbz Girlfriend Anisa Jomha: 5 Facts About American YouTuber’s Girlfriend

Idubbbz Girlfriend with Idubbbz

Who is Idubbbz’s Girlfriend?

“Kickstarter Crop” and “Content Cop fact” might be the first things you search for every time you open YouTube. Idubbbz (whose real name is Ian Kane Carter) is one of the best-known YouTubers of America. Well, this famous YouTuber is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. And, for sure, the news of his girlfriend Anisa Jomha is a hot topic to discuss.

Idubbbz’s girlfriend Anisa Jomha is a Twitch streamer and YouTube gamer. Seems like both of the couple shares a similar passion for their YouTube videos. Well, they are just the perfect match.

Personal Information about  Idubbbz Girlfriend Anisa Jomha

Full Name: Anisa Jomha

Birthday: June 25, 1993

Age: 25

Birthplace: Canada

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Nationality: American

Profession: Twitch Star, YouTuber
Idubbbz Girlfriend Anisa Jomha

Anisa Jomha Kisses Idubbbz (Source: Twitter)

Short Bio of Anisa Jomha

Anisa Jomha, 25, was born on 25th of June, 1993. She is originally from Alberta, Canada where she grew up as a child. People do not have much idea about her early life and education, but her professional work is loved by many. She is one of the 3 people on AlphaLife.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Anisa Jomha

1. Anisa’s career as a YouTuber

Idubbbz is already a famous YouTube personality of America. But the fact is, his girlfriend is also one of the well-known YouTubers. She posted her first YouTube video in August of 2015. Her YouTube channel has more than 20k subscribers.

Idubbbz Girlfriend

Idubbbz and Anisa celebrate their 6 months anniversary (Source: Reddit)

2. She began as a ‘boobie streamer’

Well, Anisa initially was a ‘boobie streamer’. But in March 2016, she made it out clear that she no longer wanted to post such videos. Now, she is known for her gaming videos and gaming community recognize her as “RainbowKidz”. However, many people hate her work and often send hatred e-mails. They say that Anisa uses others to get famous, as she often makes statement and video claiming bad things about others.

3. The couple belongs to different nationalities

Idubbbz is an American whereas his girlfriend is from Canada. Although they belong to two different nations, they share common interests and hobbies. So, the barrier of the country boundary is not a great deal for this beautiful couple.

4. She has been together with Idubbbz for 17 months

Well, the relationship of these two is relatively short. They have been together since October 2016, and the news of their relationship has already hit the spotlight. But she sometimes doesn’t seem to behave well with her boyfriend very well, and generally seems to be angry and frustrated. People really doubt if their relationship will last longer.

5. Anisa is a controversy queen

Well, in the YouTube world, Anisa is rarely known for a good cause. She often speaks out bad about other people, making her the topic of controversies and rumors. She sometimes even makes rude remarks about many people and their relationship, making herself a subject of hatred.

How did Idubbbz first meet Anisa Jomha?

The two have been together since late 2016. We don’t really know how they first met each other, but they have really moved along with each other. The two seem to have a sound relationship despite frequent controversies in the market.

Idubbbz reflects total maturity while dealing with his girlfriend’s issues. The two are now focused in their career and really don’t seem to be preparing for marriage.

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