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Ichiro Suzuki Wife Yumiko Fukushima: 5 Facts About Seattle Mariners Outfielder’s Wife

Yumuko Fukushima and Ichiro Suzuki

Who is Ichiro Suzuki’s Wife?

Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese professional baseball player, who currently plays for the side Seattle Mariners in Major League Baseball. Suzuki has now played professional baseball in top-level leagues for 26 seasons, first in Japan and later in America. Suzuki, who plays as an outfielder, has had over 4,300 hits in his career so far. He has been married to wife Yumiko Fukushima for 18 years now.

Ichiro Suzuki’s wife Yumiko is a former sports reporter from Japan. She worked for TBS TV as a sports reporter and TV announcer. Let’s have a closer look at the married life of this adorable couple.

Personal Information about Ichiro Suzuki Wife Yumiko Fukushima

Full Name: Yumiko Fukushima

Birthdate: Unknown

Birthplace: Japan

Birth Sign: Taurus

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Former Sports Reporter
Ichiro Suzuki Wife Yumiko Fukushima

Ichiro Suzuki and his wife Yumiko get a Safeco Field welcome from the Mariners in 2000 (Source: Fabwags)

Short Bio of Yumiko Fukushima

In spite of being a famous couple, the couple has so far maintained a remarkable privacy in their life. People do not have much of idea about her childhood. She has been married to one of the most loved baseball players for many years now. With the husband having a net worth of $120 million, the couple is surely living a very luxurious life.

Earlier, she as was a sports reporter. That is why we can speculate that she received her education in something related to journalism. However, this has never been confirmed. People have several times likened the beautiful Yumiko to a doll. Further, she is also a very kind-hearted woman, who has made significant contributions towards charities.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Yumiko Fukushima

1. Yumiko can speak English

As part of Ichiro’s contract (private English lessons to be taught to both him and his wife) with the Seattle Mariners, the couple learned to speak English. Now, if you are not from Japan, you might not be so amazed, but knowing English is considered quite interesting in Japan. Ichiro can speak English, Spanish and Japanese.

2. She owns a dog

The couple owns a pet dog named Ikkyu. It is named after a Japanese Zen Buddhist priest and poet from the 14th century. They have no children so far and so it seems like Ikkyu completes their family.

3. She has a very beautiful heart

Yumiko is a generous beautiful lady. She along with her husband donated a significant amount of 1.25 million dollars to Japanese Red Cross for earthquake and tsunami relief efforts back in 2011.

Yumuko Fukushima

Ichiro Suzuki with Wife Yumiko Fukushima (Source: Wagsr)

4. The couple lives in the same neighborhood as Bill Gates

They two currently reside in Medina, WA. This is the same neighborhood where Bill Gates also resides along with his family. Thus, they can proudly say that they live in the same neighborhood as the currently second richest man in the world.

5. The couple married in Los Angeles

Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese player, so admired by people that he is loved more than a movie star. The crowd approaching Ichiro is so huge that it is not possible for him to walk in street without being noticed in Japan. That is why they had to marry in Los Angeles. They had a big ceremony celebrating their marriage.

How did Ichiro Suzuki first meet Yumiko Fukushima?

As the couple prefers secret life, they do not share many stories about their personal life. But as Yumiko was a former sports reporter, they might have met during one of the interviews. That might be when the love between the two sparked and they started enjoying each other’s company. However, this is something under pure speculation. It has never been confirmed.

They decided to get married in Santa Monica, CA on December 3, 1999. They do not have any children even after being married for 18 years already. Nevertheless, the couple seems totally happy with each other and there have never been any rumors about problems in their relationship.

Earlier Relationships of Yumiko Fukushima

Yumiko prefers to live her life in a low profile and none of her other relationships is known to the public. The couple has been together with each other for a long time and has always remained faithful to each other.

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