Gavin McInnes Wife Emily Jendrisak: 5 Facts About The Vice Co-Founder’s Wife

Emily Jendrisak
Gavin McInnes with Wife Emily Jendrisak (Source: Downtown at Dawn)

Who is Gavin McInnes’ Wife?

Writer, actor, comedian, co-founder and what not, Gavin McInnes is the full package of talent, creativity and passion. McInnes, a Canadian national is also well known for his political views and other reviews. Oh, how could I forget to mention about his frequent controversies and interviews? But above all, for Emily Jendrisak, he is a lovely and adorable husband.

Emily is a Manhattan-based publicist and consultant. She previously was engaged in her profession in the New York City.

Personal Information about Gavin McInnes Wife Emily Jendrisak

Full Name: Emily Jendrisak

Nick Name: Emily

Birthdate: 1974

Age: 43 years

Birthplace: United States

Nationality: American

Occupation: Publicist and Consultant

Children: 3
Gavin McInnes Wife Emily Jendrisak
Gavin McInnes and Wife Emily Jendrisak (Source: Reddit)

Short Biography of Emily Jendrisak

Emily’s father Jerry Jendrisak was the co-founder of Epicenter Technologies, Madison and her mother Christine was an advocate for Native American rights. Her mother also worked for the preservation of the Ho-Chunk language. The open-minded thinking of her family gave a bigger platform for herself.

Emily’s family background is totally responsible for her norms and values of life. She went to the San Francisco University for a degree in Communications and Journalism. Not just a mare degree in the paper, her talent in writing was also well discovered then.

Emily is sensitive and responsible. Emily’s this particular nature might be the very reason she fell for Gavin McInnes. After all, he is a graduate of Carleton University in English literature. Most importantly, Emily claims herself as a feminist. Well, that’s pretty impressive for this 43-year-old beautiful lady.

5 Facts You Need to Know About Gavin McInnes Wife Emily Jendrisak

1. Writing craze

Emily is not just the wife of writer and famous TV personality, she herself used to write beautiful articles during her college days. Impressively, she also won many state awards for her excellence in writing. Well, we have no idea if she still writes or not, but if she does, people will really be interested to read her articles.

Our heads are more aligned here. #Honeymoon 2005

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2. Prefers to keep a low profile

Emily’s husband is well known for his controversial interviews and reviews. But Emily, just opposite to her husband, tries to prevent herself from media coverage and public attention. She lives a very low profile life and is confined to herself.

3. Great parent

Emily and Gavin together are great as parents for their three children. Galvin says “fatherhood made me believe in God”. He also became Catholic. Emily teaches their children about great social norms and spends most of her time with them.

Gavin McInnes
Gavin McInnes (Source: YouTube)

4. Member of Ho-Chunk community

Ho-Chunk is very different kind of Native American tribe with their own norms and values that are culturally rich. Emily’s mother worked as the director for that particular community and gave her entire life to protect their language. And following the same path, Emily is also the member of Ho-Chunk Tribe community.

5. Loves Ho-Chunk language and dance

Besides being the member of ho Chunk tribe, Emily also loves their unique language and dances. She enjoys learning them and practicing the language. Most importantly, this is an inseparable part of her life.

Me, my wife, and our different-sized heads. Thanks @elliotishorrible

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How did Gavin McInnes and Emily Jendrisak first meet?

They first meet each other in Max Fish, a bar in the Lower East Side. Well, neither of them had the slightest idea about being married and spending entire life together that night. The couple dated each other for five years before they finally tied the knot in 17th September 2005. The couple has already been with each other for more than a decade and is living a happy life in Brooklyn, New York.

Earlier relationships of Emily

Emily and Galvin dated each other for more than five years before they finally got married. Besides Galvin, no other relationship of Emily is known to the public.


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