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Gary Owen Wife Kenya Duke: 5 Facts About American Actor’s Wife

kenya duke

Who is Gary Owen’s Wife?

The “Funniest Serviceman in America” is actually a serious guy when it comes to his wife Kenya Duke. This “Comic View” star, is arguably the most celebrated and loved comedian in America. But the one he loves more than his comedy is his wife.

Kenya is a successful businesswoman, who has perfectly maintained her life and career. Let’s have a closer look at our favorite American comedian and actor’s relationship with his wife.

Personal Information about Gary Owen Wife Kenya Duke

Full name: Kenya Duke

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Oakland, California

Nationality: American

Occupation: Businesswoman, Entrepreneur

Children: 3
Gary Owen Wife Kenya Duke

Gary Owen along with Wife Kenya Duke at an Eent (Source: Marriedwiki)

Short Bio of Kenya Duke

Kenya Duke was born in Oakland, California to her mother Barbara Jean. She hasn’t yet disclosed the name of her father. Kenya belongs to African American ethnicity. Though there is not much information known about her childhood, now she is an entrepreneur and businesswoman.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Kenya Duke

1. Kenya’s wedding was a disaster

Well, now it’s just a funny story to say, but back then, Kenya and Grey suffered from a worst possible marriage day. Duke was half an hour late and that is why the preacher left, resulting in a fight on the marriage day. And there is much more to tell. Baker dropped the wedding cake and a pimp was seen beating up a hooker across the street. It was a totally messed up wedding.

kenya duke and gary owen

Kenya Duke with Husband Gary Owen (Source: YouTube)

2. They had no cellphones

Now, I am not talking some 1950s story at all. But the fact is, in the early 2000s, when Grey and Kenya first met each other, they had no cellphones. They had to make their conversation through landline, as both of them didn’t own a cell phone. But now, for sure, they can afford the latest Apple phones.

3. She has a good design sense

Kenya is not some kind of designer or an artist. But, from the glimpse of her life stories she shares on Instagram, you can definitely make that she has got a knack for design! You will really be impressed by Kenya’s recent post, where she had shared some new home renovations!

4. They are funding a college student

Jessie Bailey is a graduate of Talawanda High School. That is the place where Owen received his basic education. Owen and Kenya are now sending him to Capital University for four years. “His story is nothing short of AMAZING. He lived in a tent at one point, then he was sleeping in his grandfather’s trailer on the floor; no bed, no covers, no blanket.” Owen wrote about Jessie on Facebook.

5. They have been together now for more than 15 years

Well, being with someone for 15 long years is like giving most part of your life to them. Owen and Kenya, married since 2003, had been together even before that. They have always been together for this long, away from controversies and rumors. Unlike other celebrity couples, the two love to live a private life, which has been a plus point for their relationship.

How did Grey Owen first meet Kenya Duke?

The two first met at a comedy club where Gary was performing and doing warm-up acts for other comedians. Gary immediately added her number and called her. “I was like: Look, I know I’m supposed to wait three days, but you’re gonna meet a lot of dudes in three days. I’m just letting you know now I’m interested,” Owen shared the memory.

They tied their knot on July 19, 2003. In a married life of 15 years, they have been blessed with three children, Kennedy, Austin, and Emilio. The family of five is living a happy and luxurious life.

Earlier Relationships of Kenya Duke

None of her other relationships is known to the public.

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