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Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Claudia Valdez: Bio and Facts

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Who is Gabriel Iglesias’ Girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias is currently seeing Claudia Valdez. Although referred incorrectly as Gabriel Iglesias’s wife in online media, she isn’t actually married to him. Gabriel Jesus Iglesias, who is professionally known as Gabriel Iglesias, is an American comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, and producer.

He is known in the comic community as Fluffy. He is best known for his shows I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy.

Personal Information about Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Claudia Valdez

Full Name: Claudia Valdez

Children: 1 (Frankie)

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Short Bio of Claudia Valdez

Claudia Valdez is very private about her personal affairs and she has largely succeeded to keep her personal relationships and lives out of the scrutiny of media. The internet database has almost no information whatsoever about her. However, what we know is that she is the mother of one child, Frankie.

Interesting Facts about Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Claudia Valdez

1. Claudia was a single mother.

Frankie, son of Claudia Valdez, who is often referred as Gabriel Iglesias’ son is not his real son. Actually, he was born out of Valdez’s former relationship.

2. She is supportive of Iglesias’ career.

Claudia Valdez supports Iglesias with all her hearts in his acting career.

3. She can take jokes very well.

Gabriel Iglesias is a very funny man, with obesity, American Mexican culture and everyday topics the subject of his joke. However, Claudia doesn’t react to these jokes negatively, even when her relationship is the topic of his jokes.

4. She loves animals.

She loves animals as evident by her first official appearance together with Gabriel Iglesias to the world at ‘A Wish for Animal Benefit’ at Laugh Factory.

5. She is secretive.

With very few information about her available online, it is safe to say that she adores her privacy.

How did Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias meet?

The real story about how they first met is not known till today, however, the comedy genius has been dating Claudia Valdez and has been living in with her reportedly since 2008. They first made an appearance together to the media at ‘A Wish for Animal Benefit’ at Laugh Factory in January 2008.

Who has Claudia Valdez dated so far?

Her past relationships are quite unknown. The only thing known to the public is she has a child from her former relationship. The identity of the biological father of Frankie is still a mystery to the public.

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