Dove Cameron Boyfriend Thomas Doherty: Bio and Facts

Dove Cameron boyfriend James Doherty
Dove Cameron and her boyfriend James Doherty

Who is Dove Cameron boyfriend?

Yes folks, the rumors have spoken. Dove Cameron does have a boyfriend and his name is Thomas Doherty, who worked with her in the upcoming Disney movie Descendants 2. After splitting with her long time ex boyfriend Thomas Rhett, the gorgeous actress and singer went into some sort of a relationship vow but she is a human after all.

She has no desire to conceal her lost love for her ex boyfriend, who, apparently was terrible to her and she cropped him out of her Instagram throwback photo. But seems like this relation is the right fit for Dove and her happiness hasn’t gone uncherished by her fans.

Some personal information on Thomas Doherty, Cameron’s new love interest

Birth Name: Thomas Doverty

Date of Birth 21, 1995

Birth Place: Scotland, United Kingdom

Eyes: Blue Grey

Height: 6’0″

Profession: Model, actor

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

How did Dave Cameron meet Thomas Doherty?

Reportedly, their love affair began when while working together for the movie the Descendants 2. There are reports that he even presented the ‘Dove’ with a special piece of jewellery.

Interesting Facts about Thomas Doherty


It seems there may not be any complaints from Dove Cameron about her boyfriend’s physique. He loves working out. He wears a size 10 UK shoe (AKA 12 US) and  a  size 38 suit. Tough task finding a more handsome man if you ask me.


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Strange obsession with music

There are two kinds of people. Those who savour different music genres and those who find a song, listen to it until they tire their ears out and cut off their ties with the song. Thomas is the second kind of person. He is also a directioner and he’s not afraid of admitting it.

A sports fan

Dove Cameron getting kissed by her boyfriend on their night out

Not much is known about Thomas Doherty on the Internet but what we do know about is that he is a sports fan. Being Scottish (still British, though Scottish people would hate to admit). He, like a normal British kid would, grew up playing football. But it seems he is into variety of sports. Recently, he was spotted in a hockey game supporting Belfast Giants. Doherty kissed Dove and the couple looked ever so romantic.


Before being tied with Disney and of course finding his romance with Dove, he he played the role of Street Boy #2 in the TV series Dracula. He also landed a role on the Disney Channel UK musical series The Lodge.

A fun co-star/a family man

Thomas Doherty with his granny

Thomas appears to be a cool guy to hang out with and he loves spending his time with his friends, laughing, giggling and playing stupid games. Thomas loves playing Heads Up, the game that rose into popularity after getting featured on the Ellen Degeneres show. The three usual suspect for this endeavor are Dylan Playfair, Daniella Bozzetto and Dove CameronAll of them are his D2 co-stars.

He is also a family man. He loves gardening with his granny and hanging out with his brother Niall.