Donald Trump Jr. Wife Vanessa Trump: 5 Facts About Trump’s Eldest Child’s Wife

Vanessa Trump
Vanessa Trump with Husband Donald Trump Jr. (Source: YouTube)

Who is Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife?

Well, being the son of the President of the United States of America alone is enough to make you a well-known personality. Without any exception, Donald John Trump Jr. is also a worldwide renowned personality. He has been married to Vanessa Trump for 13 years now. The excellent understanding and maturity this couple exhibits has been a lesson for the whole world.

If you are thinking that the son of the President is also into politics, then you are wrong. Donald Trump’s eldest child Donald Trump Jr. is a businessman and also a TV personality. He is a hard-working person, dedicated to earning the name and fame of his own.

Personal Information about Donald Trump Jr. Wife Vanessa Trump

Full Name: Vanessa Kay Haydon

Birthday: 18th December 1977

Age: 40

Birthplace: New York City, United States

Nationality: American

Occupation: Former model

Children: 5
Vanessa Trump Kissing Donald Trump Jr.
Vanessa Trump Kissing Donald Trump Jr. (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Vanessa Trump

40 years old Vanessa Trump is a very sexy lady with a great personality. She was born on 18th December 1977 to her parents Bonnie and Charles Haydon in New York City. Vanessa received her primary education from Dwight School and received Psychology degree from Marymount Manhattan College.

Although she was a Psychology student, Vanessa had a deep interest in modeling. As a child, she was also interested in sports and tennis was one of her favorites.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Donald Trump Jr. Wife Vanessa Trump

1. Vanessa’s mother ran a modeling agency

The main reason behind Vanessa’s interest towards modeling was her mother who used to a run a modeling agency. She started working on her modeling skills from a very young age which gave her lots of experience and practice in the competitive world of American modeling. She is also good with her fashion designing skills.

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2. She is the mother of five

Well, such a huge family is really not so common in America. But this couple, in their married life of 13 years, have been blessed with 5 children, two daughters, and three sons.

3. She is an introvert

Vanessa actually has a very small friend circle as she was an introvert. She is also not active in social media despite the fact that she is a famous personality. It is said that Vanessa likes to maintain a very low profile life.

Donald Trump Jr. with Wife Vanessa Trump
Donald Trump Jr. with Wife Vanessa Trump (Source: YouTube)

4. Donald Trump can be credited for their marriage

Vanessa was in a fashion show when Donald Trump saw her and he approached her with his son. He was kind of forceful to get them introduced and the rest is history.

5. White powder incident

On Monday, Vanessa Trump was hospitalized after she received a suspicious envelope with some white powder. The incident occurred at the home of Vanessa’s parents in midtown Manhattan. She was then hospitalized along with her mom who was also present in the house. This news has received the attention of the entire nation. However, police have confirmed that there was nothing dangerous with the powder.

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How did Donald Trump Jr. first meet Vanessa Trump?

Vanessa Trump was attending some party when she first got to meet her future husband in 2003. She remembers that Donald Trump approached her saying, “Hi, I’m Donald Trump. I wanted to introduce you to my son Donald Trump Jr.” It was father Trump who made some more efforts to introduce the couple in the party.

Finally, they ended up talking to each other. Six weeks after the event, the two met at a birthday party. And, as they say, the rest is history. Now, the couple has been together for almost 13 years and they are living a happily married life with their five children in New York.

Earlier Relationships of Vanessa Trump

Vanessa Trump shared to the public that she had dated heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio when she was around 20. Well, there is no information on how the relationship ended.


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