Derek Carr Wife Heather Neel: 5 Facts About Raiders Quarterback’s Wife

Derek Carr Wife Heather Neel
Derek Carr and Heather Neel at their Wedding (Source: YouTube)

Who is Derek Carr’s Wife?

Derek Dallas Carr is just like the backbone for Oakland Raiders of National Football League of America. Though the team had been close to the bottom in the last few decades, recent years have been better for them with a higher position in the league. Derek has been married to the gorgeous Heather Neel for the last 5 years.

Derek just like a successful man professionally also has well maintained his personal life. The couple together has two children and seem to be living in a perfectly happy and pleased family.

Personal Information about Derek Carr’s Wife Heather Neel

Full Name: Heather Neel

Birthplace: Fresno

Nationality: American

Occupation: Waitress

Children: 2
Heather Neel
Derek Carr with Wife Heather Neel (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Heather Neel

Heather was born to mother Vicki Neel and father Bryan Neel. Her mother was a teacher and an inspiration for her. She went to Fresno Christian High School for her education and decided to stay home for college when she selected Fresno State. She majored in teaching.

Earlier, Heather had to face financial problem to complete her education and had to work during college hours. But her life took a complete turn over after she met a famous football player Derek Carr. Now she lives with her husband and their two children a luxurious happy life.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Derek Carr’s Wife Heather Neel

1. College sweethearts

Heather was just a college student when she first met Derek. It was around 2011 when Derek was struggling to be the top quarterback on the field at Fresno State. They spent some time together hanging out in school and fell in love. Soon after that, they tied their knot and started living together.

2. Heather met Derek as a waitress

Around 2010, Heather was working waitress in BJ’s Brewhouse in Fresno to collect money for her education. It was during that time when she first talked to Derek as one of her customers. Only after that meeting, they got to know each other a started dating.

3. Devout Christian

Heather and Derek both are devout Christian and have faith in Jesus Christ. Both of them thank the god for each day they get to live. But Heather didn’t like the dual personality of Derek, the one he presents to other and one he reflects with his religious family. This had created some problem in their relationship earlier.

4. Heather’s son had to undergo three surgeries

Children are the greatest strength as well as the greatest weakness of parents. Their son Derek was born in 2013 and had a tough time when he was born. Derek found his son vomiting green stuff and later was diagnosed with serve intestine problem. The little child had to go through multiple surgeries.

5. Heather’s love for teaching

Heather’s mother was a fourth-grade teacher and her greatest inspiration. Just like her mother, Heather also loves teaching while also enjoying living the life of Raiders quarterback’s biggest fan.

Derek Carr with Wife Heather Neel and Children
Derek Carr with Wife Heather Neel and Children (Source: YouTube)

How did Derek Carr first meet Heather Neel?

Heather first met Derek as a customer when she was working as a waitress. He asked her, “Why are you wearing only one earring in two ears?”, and when Heather checked her ears, both the earrings were in proper place. Heather realized that the guy was only trying to get her attention and that is how their first conservation ended.

Afterwards, they started dating each other and almost a year later, on July 10, 2012, they got married. They have been blessed with two beautiful children and now live a happy life. Derek often has to be away from home for a long time and Heather passionately waits for him to return. They are understanding and adorable couple.

Past Relationships of Heather Neel

The couple has been together since their college days and no other relationship of them has been known to the public.


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