Chanel West Coast Boyfriend Liam Horne: Bio and Facts

chanel west coast boyfriend

Who is Chanel West Coast’s Boyfriend?

Chanel West Coast is currently in a relationship with another emerging pop singer Liam Horne. Widely known as Chanel West Coast than from her real name Chelsea Chanel Dudley, she is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, model and television personality.

She rose to fame for her roles in MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Personal Information about Chanel West Coast Boyfriend Liam Horne

Birth Date: July 4, 1995

Age: 21 years

Birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland

Birth Sign: Cancer

Nationality: Scottish

Occupation: Singer

chanel west coast boyfriend

Short Bio of Liam Horne

Liam Horne, boyfriend of Chanel West Coast is popular in his own accord. This emerging pop singer is already liked by many audiences because of his hits like ‘Tragedy’ and ‘The Truth is’. He was born to Scottish parents in Aberdeen, Scotland. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 2014.

Interesting Facts about Chanel West Coast Boyfriend Liam Horne

1. He is active on YouTube as well.

Apart from dating Chanel West Coast, making his own name and fame in the music industry, he is also active in YouTube. His channel name is LiamHorneOfficial, started on Feb 4, 2013, where he posts the cover songs of famous artists. Go check out his official channel.

2. He is younger than Chanel West Coast.

Liam Horne, 21, is seven years younger than his girlfriend Chanel West Coast, 28. The news made quite a ruckus during 2014 when the pair initially started dating as Liam Horne was still in teens.

3. He loves tattoos.

With tattoo over his neck, face and over his chest, it is safe to say that he loves to put ink in his body. His love for tattoos is evident to most of the world.

How did Chanel West Coat and Her Boyfriend Liam Horne meet?

Liam Horne moved from Aberdeen to Los Angeles, California; where the couple met with each other for the first time. The specifics of how and when is little sketchy till now. Since the pair became exclusive, the social media is bombarded with their vacation photos and inspired us many relationship goals.

Who has Chanel West Coast Boyfriend Liam Horne dated Before?

The dating history of Liam Horne is not known to the public besides his ongoing relationship with Chanel West Coast, however, Liam Horne has been in an on-screen matchup with Lisa Schwartz in Shane Dawson TV (2008).