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Boogie2988 Wife Desiree Williams: Bio and Facts

boogie2988 wife

Who is Boogie2988’s Wife?

Boogie2988 is married to his longtime girlfriend Desiree Williams. Steven Jay Williams, aged 42, more commonly known by his username Boogie2988, or his character “Francis”, is a popular YouTuber and winner of The Game Awards.

He is known for his game related videos, discussions, personal vlogs and character sketches and has won several game related awards. He is most famous for his character “Francis”, a childish adult with a lisp and a tendency to smash stuff.

Personal Information about Boogie2988 Wife Desiree Williams

Full Name: Desiree Williams

Birth Date: 1975 A.D

Age: 42

boogie2988 wife

Short Bio of Desiree Williams

Boogie2988’s wife Desiree Williams is relatively unknown to us on her own standings. Apart from being the wife of Boogie2988, very less is known about her. Her early life and personal affairs have not yet made it to the internet database, so searching for her in Google is not going to be fruitful.

Interesting Facts about Boogie2988 Wife Desiree Williams

1. Desiree is an inspiration to Boogie2988.

Boogie2988 credits his wife for turning his life around. He has, on many occasions, explicitly stated that the reason he wanted to live healthy and his achievements as a professional YouTuber is his wife Williams.

2. She actively supports her husband.

Desiree Williams has appeared in various videos by Boogie2988. She even left her job to take care of Boogie2988, which proves she is extremely supportive of her husband and his works.

3. She’s a dog person.

Who doesn’t love dogs? Well everyone loves dogs and so does Desiree Williams. Her love for the dogs could be seen in the photos of her Twitter account.

4. She lived in Michigan.

Before moving to Arkansas, she lived in Michigan.

How did Boogie2988 and Desiree Williams meet?

Boogie 2988 and Desiree Williams knew each other long before they married in 2013 A.D. Williams lived in Michigan and she had also seen videos of his channel before they met.

Complete details of their first meeting is not quite clear. However, their fairy tale love story succeeded when she decided to move to Arkansas and marry him. Love defies all odds after all and a point for the nerds.

Who has Boogie2988 Wife Desiree Williams dated before?

Her love life is relatively unknown to us. Besides Boogie2988, ‘Who she has dated before?’ is a question no one knows and it’s the matter of the past and some bones are best left unpicked.

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