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Billie Joe Armstrong Wife Adrienne Armstrong: 5 Facts About Green Day Frontman’s Wife

Adrienne Arsmtrong and Billie Joe Armstrong

Who is Billie Joe Armstrong’s Wife?

Billie Joe Armstrong, best known as the vocalist and guitarist of the punk rock band ‘Green Day’, is a famous American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. Not just the professional life, but Billie has also maintained a happy and successful personal life with his wife Adrienne Armstrong.

Adrienne and Billie’s love is in the air for the last 23 years. They have been blessed with each other’s company for long and have been inseparable from each other. Let’s discuss some of the interesting facts about this gorgeous romantic couple.

Personal Information about Billie Joe Armstrong Wife Adrienne Armstrong

Full Name: Adrienne Ilene Nesser

Birthdate: 6th October 1969

Age: 48 years

Birthplace: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Birth Sign: Libra


Occupation: Fashion Designer

Children: 2
Billie Joe Armstrong Wife Adrienne Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong with Wife Adrienne Armstrong (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Adrienne Armstrong

Adrienne Armstrong was born as Adrienne Nesser on October 6, 1969, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She attended Minnesota State University and obtained her degree in sociology. Due to some misunderstanding with her institution, it took her a long time to receive her graduation degree.

She stayed in Pagliai’s, a pizza store, during her study period. During her college days, she used to work in a clothing store. Besides sociology, her keen interest was in fashion designing from a very young age.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Adrienne Armstrong

1. Adrienne was pregnant just a day after marriage

It was just a day after the two got married, that they discovered the pregnancy of Adrienne. Lucky the fans of Billie were, to hear such a ‘good news’ on such a special day. She gave birth to their first son Joseph soon after marriage.

Adrienne Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Armstrong at a Restaurant ( Source: Worldlifestyle)

2. Adrienne’s family

Adrienne’s mother Joan is the founder and former Executive Director of Christos Center for Spiritual Formation. Not much is known about her father. Adrienne’s brother Steve Nesser is a professional skateboarder. He is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her sister Natalie Nesser meanwhile is a photographer.

3. Started working at the age of 17

While attending her college, Adrienne worked at a recycled clothing store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the first place where she got to learn about fashion and designing. From her dress seen in public, Adrienne is said to have an “eclectic fashion sense”.

4. A self-made woman

In spite of being the wife of a famous husband, Adrienne loves to do work on her own. She is the co-owner of Adeline Record and Adeline Street. She is also involved in Atomic Garden in Oakland, California. Further, she is passionate about fashion designing and clothing.

5. Involvement with charities

Adrienne is widely known for her charity and humanitarian works. She gives full support to international NGO – “Habitat for Humanity”. This NGO builds affordable (low budget) homes for poverty-stricken families.

How did Billie Joe Armstrong first meet Adrienne Armstrong?

Billie and Adrienne first met each other in 1990. They first met at one of Green Day’s earliest shows in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They dated each other soon after. After four years of relationship, the two got married on July 2, 1994. And rest is, as they say, history. The two are an inspirational couple for many Hollywood couples out there.

Billie and Adrienne have been blessed with two talented sons in their married life of 23 years. Joseph Marciano works as a drummer for SWMRS, which is a punk band, based in Berkeley. Their other son Jakob Danger is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. They have been proud parents of such talented children.

Earlier Relationships of Adrienne Armstrong

The couple has remained faithful to each other in their long married life. None of Adrienne’s other relationships is known to the public. As for Billie, he is known to have dated two women, Erica and Amanda, before he hooked up with Adrienne.

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