Big Show Wife Bess Katramados: 5 Facts About The Wrestler’s Wife

Bess Katramados
Big Show with His Wife Bess Katramados (Source: YouTube)

Who is Big Show’s Wife?

Paul Donald Wight II or as we mostly know him by, Big Show is an American professional wrestler and actor. Big Show’s wife is Bess Katramados, a Greek beauty with an astonishing look.

Big Show, who is now signed to WWE, is a seven-time world champion. He is most loved by people for his body’s build and impressive winning records. Bess Katramados herself is an avid wrestling fan and this couple has been in a relationship for the last fifteen years.


Personal Information about Big Show Wife Bess Katramados

Full Name: Bess Katramados

Birthdate: 1973

Age: 44 years

Birthplace: Illinois, United States

Nationality: American

Occupation: Model

Children: 2
Big Show and Bess Katramados
Big Show and Bess Katramados (Source: YouTube)

Short Bio of Bess Katramados

44-year-old Bess Katramados was born in Illinois, USA. Throughout her life, she has lived in different places around Florida, Miami, Saint Petersburg, and Chicago among others. Earlier, she was a little-known model and had worked in her home state of Illinois and some other places as well.

Even at the age of 44, she looks very hot and attractive. Bess is even listed among “Hottest Wife of a Celebrity” frequently in polls and lists. After she met her husband, Bess has played an immense role in helping Big Show become one of the top wrestlers in the world. And her efforts have paid her off as well since her husband has gone on to become one of the most successful professional wrestlers.

5 Facts You Need to Know about Big Show Wife Bess Katramados

1. Big Show’s battle with deadly sickness

The love of Bess’ life and our favorite wrestler was once limited to his bed. He had a growth disease called “Acromegaly,” and suffered from an unrelenting increase in size. Only after he had done multiple surgeries, the disease ceased from continuing. Luckily he recovered, but the scars of the disease have always been with him. It has caused stain on his joints.

2. Bess as a caretaker

During his bad times, Bess was always there for Big Show. She was his caretaker during his recovery process and took care of him for countless hours. Bess had held her husband’s health in the highest regard throughout the years. She has always been Big Show’s motivation and he has been lucky indeed to have her as his wife.

3. A foodie

Well, every one of us loves eating food. But Bess not only loves eating but also is passionate about cooking. She even hosted a cooking show called ‘The Dish Show. She also ran the cooking show’s website but it was later shut down.

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4. Big Show’s personal trainer

Bess had always been a wrestling fan. But after her marriage with Big Show, she began spending much of her time as his homemaker, promoter, and personal trainer as well. Bess even appeared in the ring a few times in order to introduce her husband.

5. A loving mother

Bess and Big Show have two children of their own. But Show also has a daughter with his first wife Melissa Ann Piavis. It was Bess who raised the daughter as Show had partial custody of hers.

Bess Katramados and Husband Big Show
Bess Katramados (Source: YouTube)

How did Big Show first meet Bess Katramados?

Bess and Big Show first met each other in 2002. That was the time when Big Show was still married to his first wife Melissa. On February 6, 2002, he got divorced with Melissa Ann Piavis and just after five days later i.e. on February 11, 2002, Bess and Show got married.

Since then, the couple has been in love with each other. In 2013, the rumor of their separation had spread, but the misunderstanding was cleared up soon. The couple together with their children lives in Miami, Florida.

Past Relationships of Bess Katramados

Bess married Big Show when she was 29. No records are available regarding her relationship with other men. The couple has been committed to each other for a long time now.


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