Ben Stiller Wife Christine Taylor: Bio and Facts

Ben Stiller Wife: Christine Taylor

Who is Ben Stiller’s Wife?

Christine Taylor is the wife of American actor, comedian and filmmaker Ben Stiller. She is an actress herself and has acted in several movies including a mega hit Zoolander. She has also performed in several popular situational comedies on Television including the critically acclaimed Arrested Development era defining sitcom Friends.

Some Personal information on Ben Stiller’s Other Half

Date of Birth: July 30, 1971

Full Name: Christine Joan Taylor-Stiller

Age: 45 years (as of 2017)

Birthplace: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Nationality: American

Birth Sign: Leo

Profession: Actress

Education: Allentown Central Catholic High School

Residence: Westchester County, New York

Children: 2,  a daughter, Ella Olivia, and a son, Quinlin Dempsey.

Short Bio of Ben Stiller’s Spouse Christine

Taylor was born on July 30, 1971 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her real name is Christine Joan Taylor. She was born to Joan, a homemaker, and Albert E. “Skip” Taylor III who owns a security company.

Her notable movies include Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Zoolander and The Wedding Singer.

Interesting facts about Ben Stiller’s darling wife:

  • Taylor kick started  her acting career in 1989 on the Nickelodeon children’s television series Hey Dude. She appeared as a lifeguard Melody Hanson.
  • She was very active from early years and participated in many many community productions.
  • She starred in Zoolander with her husband Ben
  • She is daughter in law of famous comedian duo  Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller.
  • Taylor is also Sister-in-law of famous TV actress Amy Stiller.
  • Both Ben Stiller and wife have have both guest-starred on the TV series Friends (1994) and Arrested Development. The cameos being on different episodes than her husband.
  • Ben and his wife both came out vegan, Ben Stiller explained that turning into vegan made him able to perform stunts without requiring an action double.
  • She has English, Polish, Swedish, German, Irish, and Scottish blood running in her veins.

How did Ben Stiller meet his wife?

Christine Taylor met her husband Ben Stiller while filming a pilot television pilot for the TV series “Heat Vision and Jack,” starring Jack Black. The show was to be aired on Fox broadcasting network but the show never fully materialized.

Who did Ben Stiller’s wife date before the marriage?

There is little to no knowledge in this topic. However she has not been involved with any other celebrity.


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