Ariana Grande Boyfriend Ricky Alvarez–Bio, Facts and Romantic Details

Ricky Alvarez is the new Ariana Grande Boyfriend

Hollywood Life confirms that Ricky Alvarez is indeed Ariana Grande’s boyfriend. Hollywood Life also reported that Ricky Alvarez was angry when Justin Bieber flirted with his girl on instagram.

It seems the bond is deep between Ariana Grande and her boyfriend as she has chosen a gem far away from the lime lights. Ricky Alvarez is a backup dancer who currently performs with Ariana Grande.

Ricky Alvarez was born on January 10, 1992. He is a year older than his girlfriend. According to whodatedwho, their relationship started back in 2015.

The rumors of the sparks flying between them was confirmed via leaked footage from a security camera in which they were seen licking donut together in a public donut store.

The world saw Ricky Alvarez as just another masculine dancer until he locked lips with Ariana Grande and she chose him for boyfriend.

Some Facts About Ricky Alvarez

  • Ricky Alvarez is very active on Instagram: Ariana Grande is a common name in popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram and though her boyfriend does not boast the same social media presence, he is mainly active on instagram constantly posting pictures of him mostly showing off his good looks and celebrity girlfriend.


  • Ricky Alvarez is protective of his girlfriend: Not just the physique but it seems Ariana has found shining armor in her new boyfriend Alvarez. In the now deleted post in instagram, when Justin Bieber commented looking damn good, Ricky Alvarez came with a coy reply and said ‘Keep Looking’


  • Ricky Alvarez shared a PDA Fest with his girlfriend: Right after the donut smooching scandal, Ariana and her boyfriend were seen having a PDA-fest at an MTV Video Music Awards after party last fall.


  • Ricky Alvarez is a ladies man: It seems like Ariana is rocking in her romance department. She has found an epitome of ‘ladies man’ in Alvarez. Romper reports Alvarez wouldn’t leave her sight and always kept on whispering in her ear to make her laugh.


Ariana Grande Dating History

Ariana has a long list of ex-boyfriends. Before Alvarez became her boyfriend, she dated with Big Sean (2014-15), Nathan Skyes (2013), Jai Brooks (2012-14) and Graham Philips (2008-10)