Anjelah Johnson Husband Manwell Reyes: Who Is Bon Qui Qui Married To?

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Who is Anjelah Johnson’s Husband?

American musician Manwell Reyes is the husband of Anjelah Jonhson. He has been the vocalist and rapper of Christian hip hop group Group 1 Crew since 2003. Anjelah Nicole Johnson who goes by the name Anjelah Johnson-Reyes after her marriage is an American actress and comedian. She is a former NFL cheerleader.

Personal Information about Anjelah Johnson Husband Manwell Reyes

Full Name: Jose “Manwell” Reyes

Birthplace: USA

Nationality: American

Occupation: Musician

Genre: Christian hip hop
anjelah johnson and her husband

Short Bio of Manwell Reyes

Manwell Reyes is the founding member of the Christian hip hop band Group 1 Crew. He has been involved with the group since its inception in 2003. Their debut song was the hit “Can’t Go On”, released in 2007. The same year they released their first full length album Group 1 Crew. He is the front man and CEO of the group.

Interesting Facts about Anjelah Johnson’s Hubby Manwell Reyes

1. Manwell is the main songwriter of his band.

Manwell is the main lyricist of his band. He has performed songwriting duties on almost all of the band’s songs. These include the hits like “Love is a Beautiful Thing”, “Forgive Me”, “He Said”, “His Kind of Love” and “Dangerous”.

2. Group 1 Crew has released five albums so far.

Reyes’ band has released five albums to date. They are Group 1 Crew (2007), Ordinary Dreamers (2008), Outta Space Love (2010), Fearless (2012) and Power (2016).

3. Group 1 Crew is a five time Dove Award winner.

Group 1 Crew has been nominated for nine GMA Dove awards so far in its history. It has won five out of them. Dove Award is awarded by Gospel Music Association to recognize the contributions to Christian music industry.

4. Reyes is also an actor.

Besides being a musician, Reyes is also an actor. He has acted in two films so far, Restored Me and Mom’s Night Out. He also appeared as himself in the TV series The Collective.

How did Anjelah Johnson Husband Manwell Reyes and Anjelah Johnson meet?

Anjelah Johnson and husband Manwell Reyers got to know each other through a mutual friend. According to Anjelah, she saw him on the friend’s wedding and immediately had a crush on him.

However, they met each other only 2 years after the wedding after being set up on a date by the mutual friend. They got married on June 11, 2011. The marriage took place in Half Moon Bay, California. According to Anjelah, the couple doesn’t want to have children.