Anita Rani Husband Bhupi Rehal: Who Is The Husband Of The English Journalist?

Anita Rani Husband Bhupi Rehal

Who is Anita Rani’s Husband?

English television presenter Anita Rani is married to technology director Bhupi Rehal. Anita Rani Nazran, better known as Anita Rani, is an English radio and television presenter and journalist of Punjabi descent.

She is best known as the host of Rogue Restaurants, Watchdog and many others. She is also known for being the participant and the semi-finalist of the thirteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Personal Information about Anita Rani Husband Bhupi Rehal

Full Name: Bhupi Rehal

Birthdate: 1979

Age: 37 years

Nationality: English

Ethnicity: Asian

Occupation: Technology executive

Anita Rani

Short Bio of Bhupi Rehal

Bhupi Rehal, 37 is the husband of Anita Rani. Not much personal information is known about Bhupi Rehal as he likes to keep a low profile from media in his daily life.

Interesting Facts about Anita Rani’s Spouse Bhupi Rehal

1. Bhupi is a very private man.

Though his better half is very famous and adored by the world, he is relatively unknown to the public. The primary reason for this is his private nature. He doesn’t like to appear in the media and has largely stayed out of the show business.

2. He is active on social media.

Bhupi Rehal has an account on social platforms like Twitter. His Twitter account @bhupirehal describes himself as, “Non-traditional Technology Director. Hardcore technologist with a creative twist. Great Digital is creative and tech holding hands…”

3. He likes mini-golf.

Bhupi Rehal likes to play mini-golf. His love for the game has been professed via Twitter on many occasions.

4. He supports Anita Rani unconditionally.

Bhupi Rehal, as per Anita Rani, is very supportive of whatever deed Anita Rani decides on. He’s very understanding and their marriage life is healthy even though Anita is very busy throughout the weekdays and only meets him on weekends.

Anita Rani On China On Four Wheels

How did Bhupi Rehal and Anita Rani meet each other?

Bhupi Rehal and TV sensation Anita Rani met each other through their mutual friend, who thought that the pair would make a perfect match. However, the specifics about their first meeting is largely unknown. They instantly hit off and dated each other before deciding to tie the knot.

What is the dating history of Anita Rani Husband Bhupi Rehal before her?

The dating history of Bhupi Rehal before Anita Rani is not known to us, which may be accredited to his private nature.


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